Why Use Acupuncture, Moxibustion (Moxa) More Than Herbs?

Why Use Acupuncture, Moxibustion (Moxa) More Than Herbs?

Why Use Acupuncture, Moxibustion (Moxa) More Than Herbs?

There are reasons to cause our practice staying with acupuncture more than herbs:

  1. In classic TCM books mentioned about using food therapy, qi gong, moral cultivation, meditation, etc. preventive healthcare tips to do preventive healthcare at home. Besides that, if going to treatments, the priorities are acupuncture is the first choice, then moxa next, the third is herbs.
  2. Acupuncture does not inference or have chemicals reactions with body chemicals such as endocrines, metals. tracing elements, etc. inside our body. Though, by boosting our body functions, the endocrines secretion, metals, tracing elements, etc. amount inside our body can get corrected naturally. It can correct both hypo and hyper situations. Instead, herbs can join chemical reactions inside our body right the way. But the herbs is only one way to correct. If goes to the wrong direction, the result is wrong.
  3. There is a saying in Chinese that “Any medicine has 30% chance to toxic our body. ” It means that stop the herbs when the body goes back to its normal function. In Chinese medicine and culture, we emphasize moderation. Not as the western culture that that anything is good, then take a huge amount.  Anything shortage or over amount are all bad.
  4. Many muscle/tendon problems can mimic as internal medicine problems and can not be treated well by herbs for internal organs. Therefore, the herbs can be taken for years. The only thing work for the patient is like the placebo effectiveness. Only do acupuncture can solve it. Due to with acupuncture’s main thought is that any blockage at organ related meridian’s pathway can cause organ expressing sickness. By checking all kind affect factors and rule out one by one by reasoning or trial and error, hard to treat diseases can be easily treated by acupuncture.Please read some real treatment cases: Decades’ stomach problems and heart pain cases. More cases will be posted if time frame allows us to do so.

Other involved factors are:

  1. Herbs price going up. If adds up all kind cost that herbs are more expensive in many cases. The treatment effectiveness is slower in many cases if compare its treatment results with acupuncture. Usually, treat energy related problems, we use acupuncture. Treat hypofunction-related problems can add moxa.If hyperfunction, we can use acupuncture and/or herbs to treat. Treat essence and/or blood deficiency, we use herbs i.e. use material to tonify material.
  2. Herbal identification, harvest, process, cook have a lot of knowledge involved. Anything wrong, the herb lost or reduced its treatment effectiveness.
  3. It takes the time to prescribe herbs and cook herbs (decoction has better treatment effectiveness than capsules, powders, tablets. Plus the flexibility to customize with patient’s constitution by raw herbs). Moreover, many people do not like the raw herbs cooking smells. Yes, you are smart enough to think about capsules, etc. to replace raw herbs. But, no matter which forms, the clinic space will be occupied by herbs.
  4. After we stopped to use raw herbs to treat patients, our herbal storage area is full of insects due to we use only organic herbs that are more expensive to carry. But it’s more benefit to patients.
  5. To cultivate a good herbalist is harder than for a good acupuncturist. In order to spread the beauty of TCM, cut down medical cost, etc. Do acupuncture and train acupuncturists to be good is quicker and easier than to train herbalists with fewer problems.
  6. Needles have fewer varieties than herbs. The storage, inventory are a lot easier than herbs. Especially when traveling, carry needles are a lot easier and can treat very broad sicknesses. Or, we can say the acupuncture clinic has more mobility than a herbal clinic.

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