Why TCM Practitioners Do not Order Lab Test?

Why TCM Practitioners Do not Order Lab Test?

TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the following reasons:

  1. Our body always give us signs before any symptom comes out and these signs are far more accurate and reliable than any lab test.
  2. The machine can make wrong diagnosis. But our body signals are always accurate.
  3. The lab test is not always reliable due to our body situation changes with our mood. Such as when you are happy and when you are mad, upset, the blood test results are different. It’s due to the endocrine secretions are different. Meanwhile, when the liver is under soothing situation, the blood test reading is different with under emotional constraints. It’s due to it affecting liver function for blood detoxification.
  4. The lab test equipment usually do not supply needed information as Chinese medicine’s diagnosis can. Such as Chinese medicine has organ’s hot/cold, excess/deficiency, yin/yang, internal/external principles to be Chinese medicines’ fundamental information that leads to proper treatment methods and prescriptions.
  5. Chinese medicine usually changes the body’s internal environment to ride off bacteria, virus and cancer cells. For example, no matter what kind spoiled foods (causes of diseases) such as meat or fruits can all attract insects, ants, roaches, mice, etc. Those are represent different kind diseases, Chinese medicine clears out the spoiled foods (no matter what it is), all of the attracted insects gone.However, western medicine needs to identify what kind food spoiled and what kind insects, ants, roaches be attracted in order to match specific drug/treatment.Chinese medicine does not care what kind foods spoiled and what be attracted. It cleared the root problem of the spoiled food.

Therefore, Chinese medicine is a lot simpler to face diseases. It does not need the expensive lab test cost, without waiting the lab test, patients can be treated earlier without be delayed.

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