Why TCM Physicians Refuse Using Supplements to Treat Patients?

Why TCM Physicians Refuse Using Supplements to Treat Patients?

Why TCM Physicians Refuse Using Supplements to Treat Patients?

Though Chinese traditional herbs (if powder or capsules or tablet, they are condensed after boiling instead of modern herbs that are subtracted the effective ingredients out) are also categorized as supplements. Besides those traditional herbs, the real TCM physicians against the other supplements by the following reasons (note that below supplements are not the Chinese traditional herbs):

  1. When subtracting effective ingredients, majority use chemicals. It means that chemicals follow the effective ingredients be intake into the body.
  2. Some of the supplements are made from chemicals. Even it’s made from natural plant extract, the whole natural plants are more beneficial to the body.
  3. Our treatment is to let the body recover its function. Once the body function recovered, there is no needs to take herbs or get treatments except for longevity or preventive health.Once use supplements prolonged, the body lost the functions that the supplements mentioned to strengthen. The body becomes relying on supplements to get needed function.Under this situation, body’s actual function is going down.Like diabetic patients take insulin, eventually, the pancreas will not secret insulin again. Once the pancreas’ insulin function is totally gone and it shrank, even TCM needs long term treatment but the major difference with lifelong treatment from western medicine is that with TCM treatments, patients have better life quality plus no further damage to patient’s health.
  4. Our body really need nutrition is not the same as western’s study. Please read Nutrition in Chinese Medicine. When nutrition absorption function is going down, we treat spleen or go further to treat live to soothe stress or strengthen kidney yang to boost up spleen yang to raise up the nutrition absorption function that spleen pushes majority enzymes out off pancreas.
  5. Regardless of how the advance of the modern science, there are still a lot unknown for the universe. Even it’s not 100% know for the human being’s body. Extraction only can get out the ingredients that are known beneficial to our health. However, there are many other unknown ingredients might synergy to make our body even better. Please refer to the next section of one been neglected function of the fibers.Think that, there is no organism in our body is no use. Such as appendix was treated as an extra troublesome organism in our body. But discovered later that it has its needed function i.e. God created us is not for fun and no any part in our body is created by mistake.Similarly, a lot of  God’s creations are beyond our imagination. Thus the best natural foods that created by God is the best for our body. In addition, the final extracted herb is a synthetic of the chemicals and the extraction of herb. It is not the traditional Chinese medicine herb already.
  6. Our stomach is small. After absorbed nutrition, the rest can be plants’ fertilizer. It means that we only need a small portion from foods. All of the nature plants have fibers. Their function does not only help bowel movement but also help to wipe out extra nutrition/foods from our body.Any extra nutrition is also a kind of body waste or become toxins to our body eventually.However, the supplement is 100% pure nutrition. It means that eventually there is more nutrition (or prolonged be toxins) accumulated inside our body. On another word, it adds our body detox workload. Prolonged, it’s over our body’s detoxification ability.
  7. Our cells are high level cells that they can request our body to secret enzyme(s) to get their own needed nutrient(s) when it’s shortage. But, the bacteria, virus and cancer cells are lower level cells that they cannot ask our body to secrete enzyme to feed their growing needs and/or multiply quickly. Therefore, they only can get whatever flowing in the body and passing through them. It’s not much.However, if intake the supplements from the healthy food store, there are more nutrients flowing in the blood stream. That feed the bacteria, virus and cancer cells. So, they can grow and duplicate quickly.
  8. The extracted nutrients have smaller particles than after our enzyme chopped down nutrient. That’s why before artificial sugar appeared, there were less teeth cavity cases existing. After the small refined sugar and artificial sugar be available, they created much more dentist making money chances. Dentist clinics can be seen almost everywhere.

Of cause, with so much advertisement fee be spent on supplements and it’s such a profit business. However, stand on the patients’ beneficial point, we prefer to lose this huge easy money making the chance but staying with our ethic.

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Additional stretch: Please read Stop Hurting Chinese Medicine’s Herb Field For decades, the western medicine field keeps hurting Chinese medicine field and uncounted patients without notice. Hope this article can wake up all of the whole world’s health-related policy makers to have qualified Chinese medicine professional seats in their decision-making board. It is needed.

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