Why Feel Remote Area Pain or Discomfort?

Why Feel Remote Area Pain or Discomfort?

Why Feel Remote Area Pain or Discomfort?   It was a question that I got a couple days before. I explained as below.

The CHUEH healing is the same as the acupuncture treatments that soothes qi and blood smooth flow to achieve people’s health. Meanwhile, increase the amount of qi and blood flow. By doing so, it can do detoxification, unblock the blockage. Meanwhile, it brings in the body needs stuffs such as nutrients, immune stuffs, hormone, etc. to the needed site that along the qi and blood flowing route in order to do the body repair job.

If one has sickness, according to the sickness, there will have different places in the body got blocked. There is a famous Chinese saying: (When qi and blood flowing to the blockage site), blockage causes pain. More severe blockage has more pain. Less severe blockage, has less pain. Therefore, pain is a warning sign for our body’s health.

Our body’s meridians are connected together. They are our qi and blood flowing channels. When doing CHUEH adjustment or acupuncture treatment, the increased amount qi and blood flowing to the blockage area causes pain due to a larger qi and the blood flowing amount going through a narrow channel. The place of the pain and the pain severity tell us where is the blockage and how severe it is as a warning sign to us.

If the heart has a blockage or heart has a problem, the pain sensation will be abnormal. Some people will be hyper and some will be hypo. After treatment, the heart recovers to be normal, the pain sensation will also gradually go back to normal.

Above mentioned are normal reactions from your body. Please refer to How to Solve a Remote Site Pain or Discomfort?

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