When stop my treatments?

When stop my treatments?

When stop my treatments?  It’s a very common concern for every patient.

There is an illustration that if you are healthy, you are living on a high level flat land. Once you are sick, you are falling along a hill. During the treatments, you are climbing the hill. If you stop on the hill, you can fall down from the hill any time.

Be clear that when you fall down, it’s not necessary that you are along the original path to fall down. It means that it’s not necessary that your original improved symptoms getting worse, but, there could be new symptoms coming out.

The ideal time for you to stop treatments is not at the moment that you reach the edge of the high flat level or even when you feel that your sickness is tolerable. You can fall down again by any force like a strong wind or a push by something. The only safe spot is you are far away from the edge of the high level land. It means that your well being’s situation is stable.

Usually when you feel that you have gone back to be normal, depends on the health issue, we will gradually cut down your treatment frequency and extend your treatment period if it’s internal medicine. Until you come back every half year that you are keeping in the same good situation. Meanwhile, you do DIY (do it by yourself) healthcare: Do qi gong, have healthy life style, keep good diet and positive attitude, or do meditation, self hypnosis to give healthy suggestion or do self energy healing, etc. Then, we can think about to stop your treatments.

If it’s a pain syndrome, we eliminated your symptoms plus treat your root problems such as muscle problems, we make your spleen function getting better. If it’s tendon problems, we clear your liver toxins and loose tendons plus soothe your emotions to make the treatment effects last longer.

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