Treat Withdraw Extra Blood Every Month

Treat Withdraw Extra Blood Every Month

Treat Withdraw Extra Blood Every Month   Treat Withdraw Extra Blood Every Month This is a rare case. Western medicine only can treat it with chemotherapy due to the patient’s MD is too busy to do studies to treat the patient.

The patient had extra blood to withdraw 1 pint every month. His spleen was mildly enlarged. His body was very hot.

The patient’s MD treated him with chemotherapy. The patient became a real cancer patient eventually. His spleen was over grown out of his ribs.

This patient had a highly stressful job. Under stress, blood becomes acidic. So, his red blood cell stasis with each other. That makes his blood carries less oxygen. When his blood filters through his kidney. His kidneys detected low oxygen carried in the blood. His kidneys have no way to identify there is less red blood cells to carry less oxygen or the red blood cells stagnated together to carry less oxygen.

So, his kidney secrets EPO. When the EPO circles to the spine, spine detected EPO to produce more red blood cells. That’s why every month, the patient has 1 pint blood be withdrawn.

If there is blood stasis in the spleen, can cause spleen mild enlargement.

The cases was treated in 2008 for his hot body and back pain. Hot body and pain were solved.

Now, the patient has retired and moved to live with his grandchildren. His stress level is reduced and his life has more relaxation and happiness with his grandchildren. So, he has less and less blood be withdrawn.

In Chinese medicine, to treat this case:

  1. Needle SP 10 or UB 17 to make the red blood cells not to stack with each other in order to carry more oxygen.
  2. Needle LR 13 or UB 18 to reduce stress and makes live do better detoxification.
  3. Needle SP 9, 6 , 3 or add UB 20 to treat the spleen. To reduce the size of an enlarged spleen and strengthen the spleen to avoid the spleen be invaded by the liver.
  4. Or, follow Emotional Disorder Acupuncture Treatments to treat the patient.
  5. Can use maxibustion to speed up the treatment to reduce the enlarged spleen.
  6. If there is the liver or gallbladder fire and.or another other fire, needle LR 2, GB 43, or other related points like LU 10, HT 8, PC 8. If fire is strong, add LR 1, GB 44, LU 11, HT 9 and/or PC 9.

    For this case, each organ’s Jing and Rong points were used to reduce his fires.

  7. Add other points depends on the patient’s situation.

It’s not hard to be treated in the Chinese Medicine. But, the patient picked up western medicine and be treated ten years. Now, with reduced drug dosages.

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