TCM ER Treatments

TCM ER Treatments 

TCM ER Treatments TCM emergency treatments are simple and out of most people’s imagination. If in the western medicine, the patient might be dead.

The First TCM Emergency Treatment Book

肘後備急方-Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang: The first book of the First Aid Manual in Ancient Chinese Medicine was written by Ge, Hong ( 284-364 ).

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English: GeHong, (341?), Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang, ChinaSimplified treatments of common diseases. Its modalities including oral administration, topical application, massage, moxibustion and orthopedics, etc.It includes malaria, acute infection of insect bit, artificial respiration, abdominal drainage, catheterization, enema, etc.2015 Nobel Medicine Prize Winner’s discovery was coming from this book: ” “青蒿一握,水一升漬,絞取汁服, 可以治久瘧 。” i.e. A grasp of Herba Artemisiae Annuae, merge in one liter water. Then, use a cloth to twist juice. The juice can cure chronic malaria.

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