TCM Diagnosis for Internal Medicine – Ten Questions

TCM Diagnosis for Internal Medicine – Ten Questions

Though all of the Chinese Medicine Schools teach the famous ten questions and  eight principals for TCM diagnosis. However, there is only Dr. Ni, Hai-Sha who really implemented yin and yang diagnosis and applied it correctly to clinic treatments and get real effective results. His clinical training explained veryl clearly for how to apply them to do diagnosis and treatments.

It especially works well for tough cases and give practitioner strong confidence for the accurate diagnosis and prognosis of treatment results.

After read the following explanations, everyone will think that TCM is really miracle. It likes Dr. Ni said that TCM is a science that when you standing outside body you can know the inside of your patient’s body.  As Einstein, he only took pen and paper but could know stuffs beyond Earth.

Below are the famous ten questions in TCM: Questionnaires’ “you” is for patient.

Appetite: Explanation for Appetite

    Do you feel hungry at:       Breakfast?       Lunch?      Dinner?  Can you taste food?                        

    Do you consume small, moderate, or large amounts of food at mealtimes?                                     

    Do use sea salt in your cooking?       Do not use refined sugars?         Eat like a king for   

         breakfast,  a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner.


Sleep: Explanation for Sleep: Please read Insomnia or Sleep Problem.

    Are you able to sleep through the entire night without waking up?                                                 

   If not what time do you wake up?                              What did you do?                                      

    Do you feel recharged after wake up?

    Additional comment concerning your sleep pattern:                                                                         


Urine:  Explanation for Urine

    Do you urinate approximately 5 to 7 times per day?                                                                       

    What is the color of your urine?                 Is your urine clear or cloudy?                                       

    Do you take vitamins?                                                                                                                     

    Do you have a small, moderate, or large amount of urine?                                                             

    Is there adequate force when urinating?                                                                                          

    Additional comments or concerns about your urine:                                                                      


Bowel:  Explanation for Bowel Movement

    Do you have a bowel movement at least once a day in the morning?                                             

    Is the texture of your stools firm and long?                    What is the color of your stools?            

    Do you have the feeling of having adequately emptied your bowels?                                          

    Additional comments or concerns about your bowel:                                                                     


AM Yang: If answer is not, need to be treated.

    (MALES) Do you have an erection upon waking first thing in the morning?                              

    (FEMALES) Are your nipples erect upon waking first thing in the morning?                             


Four Limbs:   Explanation for Four Limbs

    Does your forehead feel cool and comfortable compared to the temperature of your hands?               

    Does the back of your hands and tops of your feet feel cooler than the palms and soles?                    

    Do you have to keep your feet covered at night?                                                                                  


Thirst:  Explanation for Thirst

    Do you have any type of abnormal thirst?                Can you feel thirst?                      .                                                                          

    Note that it is normal to have some thirst after sweating from exertion. The amount of thirst that you  have should be in proportion to your activity level and the environment temperature that make sweats. Otherwise, need to be treated.

    Do you prefer warm, room temp, cool, or cold water?                                                                         

    Drinking hot teas is good for your body. The fluids in fruits do more to re-hydrate your body than drinking anything else.


Sweat:  Explanation for Sweat

    Do you have any type of abnormal sweating?            If yes, what is it?                                 .                                    

    Can you sweat?                       Is there any abnormal color for your sweats?                         .                                    


Energy:   Explanation for Energy

    How is your energy level (in 10 scale)? _____ Do you hard to get up? ________

     Do you get recharged after sleep? ________ Can you concentrate? __________

Sexual Capability:  Explanation for Sexual Capability
Do you have adequate sexual capability?

Female’s problemsExplanation for female’s menstruation problems

     When was your first menstruation? _____When was your last menstruation?______
If you still have menstruation, how many days cycle? ___ Each time last for ___ Days?

    Do you have pain for your menstruation? _____ Is there any clots? _______
What is the color?_____ Is there any abnormal or discomfort for your menstruation?

Other comments that you want to bring our attention to:



TCM is a real science! Why? It’s after long term observation and concluded theories and treatments rules. By applying them right, it always works. This the definition of the true science and passed thousands years of test.

It does not like the modern medicine’s new discoveries that could be 100% turned around years later.

Besides the superior of its scientific validated for thousands years, it’s humanity that no cut, biopsy, X-Ray or any damaged test method for diagnosis and there is no hurting during diagnosis. Later, talk about the treatments or you read from other articles either from this site Acupuncture Treatments or Avoid Surgery from Mobile and the more advanced from NBAARC.

The above questions are majority from and credited to Prof. Ni, Hai-Sha (1953-2012. Prof. Ni is a great Traditional Chinese Medicine physician in modern Chinese Medicine. He corrected many mistakes in modern Chinese Medicine practices).

The explanations were written by Frieda.

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