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Site Map

This website is gathering cases, causes and treatments for general public advanced read to have more confidence for acupuncture TCM treatment. Meanwhile as a discussion with the other acupuncturists/MDs who practice acupuncture and would like to share experience and move all of the acupuncturists skill more advanced to better serve patients.

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傳統中文   is for traditional Chinese reader for reading this site

简体中文   is f    or simplified Chinese reader for reading this site

Mobile  is brief version for quick glance for how to use TCM for health

Main Site has more detailed and decent explanation for TCM

The above are passive healthcare. Below is active healthcare. Though we prefer to do this kind treatment. However, sometimes, we will combine both ways and treatment methods to speed up treatment results.

NBAARC  as we discovered that sickness severity and recovery speed is related to patient’s energy level and frequency. Therefore, if anyone wants increase self-actualization ability, avoid sickness, here has solutions for you.

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