Should Be Afraid about Cancer and How to Treat it in TCM?

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Should Be Afraid about Cancer and How to Treat it in TCM?

Should Be Afraid about Cancer and How to Treat in it TCM? Actually, most cancer patients die in threaten and/or over treated instead of die in cancer. Even a healthy person has cancer cells inside the body. I know how to ride them off, there is still a bright and quality life in the future. Most cancer patients were discovered in a regular check or due to the other reasons visiting a doctor. Otherwise, the patient still lives in his regular life without additional troubles.

Should Be Afraid about Cancer?

In the western medicine, once get a cancer announcement, it’s a life threatening disease. The patient and his family members almost fall in hopeless right the way. However, in Chinese medicine, cancer is not so terrible. It’s not only in Chinese medicine’s history, there are plenty well treated and documented cancer treatment cases in many different cancers.

Why Chinese Medicine does not so afraid about Cancer?

There are three elements to burn the fire: temperature, fuel, and oxygen. If any one of these three elements missing, there is no fire.

Similarly, cancer also has three elements: a cold body, acidic body and emotional unhappy. If miss anyone, there is no cancer. It’s not hard to remove any one of them and/or all of them to make the patient’s body inside environment does not fit cancer cells to grow. So, the cancer cells be controlled and eventually be all killed by our body immune system.

Meanwhile, a cancer patient’s severity from the Chinese medicine and the Western medicine’s view are also different. The western medicine defines terminal stage cancer patients, to the Chinese medicine, a lot of times, they could be easily treated. Why and how? We watch the patient’s young qi – the real vitality sign. So, our diagnosis is more reliable. Below listed a case for your reference.

Ride Off the Cold Body

You might heard about any kind cancer. But, you have never heard that there is a heart cancer patient. As one of my patients at sea who is a cardiovascular surgeon. He told me that “I do see cancer cells on the pericardium.” I asked him: “Does the cancer cell is so obedient without entering the heart?”…… The surgeon with a confused face. I said: “Once they entered, they die. Only the temperature as high as the heart’s normal heat can let cancer cells die!”

I had treated a 22-year-old male nasal terminal stage cancer patient. I let him close his eyes and swiped a Moxa stick on his nose. He felt the nasal cancer spot pressed on his brain pressure released. Meanwhile, he could use his nose to breathe in. After one acupuncture with moxibustion treatment, his appetite came back normal. He felt happy and could smiles. However, after a weekend, the next Monday, his family sent him to get the “free chemotherapy”. All of my effort was washed out.

I want to point out here that this boy had loudly voice, swift movement like his age boys’ mobility, shiny face. In Chinese medicine, he is not hard to treat. He had 100% chance to get recovered.

His family preferred sending him to get free chemotherapy treatments. The result? As the usual patients….. It’s not a happy ending.

At least, I kept my promise before ending his life to give him a free home visit and make him happier as his older brother begged from me.

Meanwhile, I told the whole family that the cancer boy drinking only energy drinks without the regular water, eating snacks mainly replaced their family meals. Those were all the resources of his cancer.

The family prefers to keep their expensive enjoyment of cost snacks and drinks, But, no money to pay the needed treatments. Often, I confused with patients and their family values to catch the advertisements lifestyles.

A 30-year-old female, who got spleen cancer and had surgery to cut off multiple cancer places. She was a single Mom with a 5-year-old boy. After one month of surgery, she and her mother worried about the cancer was not totally cleaned off and asked me to home visit.

I visited her home twice. The first time, 1.5 hours treated her front. I used acupuncture and Moxa. Her body was icy cold until went back to the normal body temperature. Her big vertical scar on her front abdomen got soften, thinner and narrower.

The second time, less than 1 hour to treat her back. When I Moxa the surgery spots, I discovered when Moxa her liver, there was a pink belt on her liver from the heat hit the cancer cells that were hard tumors and reflected heat back. I made sure with her that was the cutting line of the liver. I Moxa that belt until the pink color disappeared. It means the heat could penetrate her body. I told her that she was cancer free.

Until she visited her MD and got a double check. The feedback was “cancer free”. From here, we can sure that the heat can shrink or stop cancer cells grow.

Another case was a 67 year old spiritual cultivation female, she knows hypnosis. So, I let her image her health situation that she wants. During acupuncture treatments, I used my hands to scan her body. When I scanned to one side of her body, she had a cold air came out from her lateral of the breast. She told me that was her breast cancer cut off line. I did not use Moxa. Only a moment, the cold air disappeared and became warm air flowing under my hand. Her whole treatment was short and the effect was out of my imagination. Later, she quit from all of her supplements and maintains a good health.

Here, I want to point out that a higher ethic person, his/her health is easy to get recovered.

If google Taiwan’s website, there is an article about an MD who got cancer and has repeated chemotherapy treatments. So, she changed modality to climb the mountain to sweets out and change her diet. Then, she got cancer free for more than 45 years. You can read the Chinese article at or google translated English article at

Some other cases are the patient got another fever disease and his body heat increased. After the fever gone, the cancer also gone.

Ride Off the Acidic Body

Year 1931, the Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg’s research showed
“…Cancerous cells can live and develop, even in the absence of oxygen.”

We all know that when blood is alkaline, it carries more oxygen than when blood is acidic that the red blood cells stacking together and carry less oxygen.

Therefore, there are doctors using baking soda to treat cancers. Please and watch videos:

Cancer The Forbidden Cures!

Charlotte Gerson on Cancer and Disease

There is more cancer related secret and therapies videos on YouTube. Please feel free to check out by yourselves.

Ride Off Unhappy Emotion

Usually, the cancer is triggered by an emotional shock or a person be knocked down by a chronic stress. There is no doubt that the cancer patient is not happy and most of them, be psychologically put down by the threaten of a no help disease and high death rate disease. But, the fact is they are wrong!

The truth is how to successfully treat cancer were solved by ancient Chinese physicians and be well documented. Even now, there exist easy ways to stop cancer development in its early stage.

When people are happy, his heart secrets beneficial hormones.

Knowing the Heart Hormones

Heart Peptide Hormones: Adjunct and Primary Treatments of Cancer
” Four heart hormones, namely atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), long-acting natriuretic peptide (LANP), vessel dilator and kaliuretic peptide…….eliminate up to 80% of human pancreatic adenocarcinomas, two-thirds of human breast carcinomas and up to 86% of human small-cell lung carcinomas growing in athymic mice. ANP given intravenously for 3 hours after ‘curative’ lung surgery as an adjunct to surgery results in a 2-year relapse-free survival of 91% compared to 75% for those treated with surgery alone. “

Does the heart secrete any hormone?
ANP is secreted by Atrium, where as BNP is released by Ventricles.

How heart Hormones Prevent and Suppress Metastasis of Cancer Clarified
“…ANP prevents cancer metastasis by inhibiting the adhesion of tumor cells to inflamed endothelial cells. “

On the other hand, when people is not happy, his heart temperature drops and caused the whole body temperature drop. The blocked sites get more severe blockage. That is the environment of cold, no oxygen and fits for cancer cells to grow.

Yet, a happy person’s heart is warmer. Breathing is deeper to get more oxygen to supply the body use. That doesn’t benefit for the cancer to grow. Meanwhile, when a person is happy, his immunity gets stronger and mentally, physically get healthier. So, the original cancer cells can be cleaned by the body gradually.

Therefore, many people’s cancers after “traveling” or just “go home” from a foreign country to happily stay with family members, the cancer gone without any treatments.

But, the Above Does Not Mean You Do Nothing and Take Easy

Besides, you need to make needed lifestyle, diet, exercises, thinking changes, you’d better get the right professional monitor and/or treatments to avoid delayed timing to get saved. Here, we only give you some ideas to let you further knowing cancer.

Cancer is a severe alarm for the cancer patient to find out what in his life should be corrected. Get a right professional to help getting out the shadow and puzzle is helpful.

How Ancient Chinese Medicine Treat Cancer?

There are uncounted well documented cancer successful treated cases in ancient Chinese medicine books. However, after Chinese medicine modernized and westernized. The cancer either became a not treatable disease and ask patients to do chemotherapy, surgery, etc. Or became an expensive treatments disease. For example, in the US, the ancient Chinese medicine practitioners use peeled skin Fu Zi that was highly used in Zhang, ZhongJing’s San Han Lun and Jin GUI Yao Lue. That was only $35/2 Kg. But, the modern school acupuncturists used Niu Zhang Zhi of $600/pound around the year 2010.

Of cause, the herb Fu Zi (Radix Aconiti Praeparata) has a better and quicker effect. It’s a lot of cheaper if follow ancient Chinese medicine to treat. However, due to its skin contains toxin, people without professional knowledge, prefer to ban it. It’s a very not wise act. Actually, people live in SiChun Province of China, intake Fu Zi as daily foods.

From the above, we can notice that there are many ways to let cancer leave. It is not a deadly disease.

How to Treat Cancer by Acupuncture?

For very severe cancer, herbs may be needed. You’d better get a professional advice. We do not discuss here.

There are very powerful and economical herbs be mistakenly banned besides China. I do deeply hope someday, they can come back and serve people in a low cost and easy way. The no knowledge people to rule the knowledge professionals mistake should be corrected ASAP. It’s due to too many lives died or dying in innocent and too much valuable resources be wasted.

If any country wants to win the world leader or richness in the future to well handle elderly problem and/or organ failure or cut down medical cost, banned useful herbs in mistake already lost the low medical cost to save valuable resources for other competition items to protect the country to be stronger position!

For not severe cancer patients, only activate patients’ yang Qi flowing, unblock the body Qi and blood flow, can let cancer go away. Plus, using acupuncture can give patients’ happiness by soothing his liver and strengthen his heart.

For some severe diseases, including cancer, the organs are disharmony. So, we unblock the whole body, balance all organs. Meanwhile, strengthen and/or heat up all organs, especially the organ and meridian that are related to the cancer.

By doing so, the easiest way is taking turns to needle patient’s front Mu and back Shu points and some needle the acupuncture points nearby the cancer site(s).

If there is chemotherapy or the patient intakes drugs, to combat the drugs damage to the body, we ought to detoxify the liver by using 3″ long needle with a high frequency of 200-500 Hz e-stimulation to sedate minimum two of the ShangSanHuang Xue. If the patient is weak, only use 5-6 Hz e-stimulation in the whole body to do tonifying.

When a patient faces up to get treated

Please google the herbs and/or herbal formula name and/or acupuncture points that you do not know.

We needle all of the front mu point of each organ and the cancer site(s). That recovers each organ’s function directly. Applying Moxa when it’s needed if the patient’s body is cold enough.

For the front Mu (acupuncture) points, please refer to the Five Shu Tabl .
To the point, you can google it. They are LU 1 (lungs), CV 17 (pericardium, regulate the heart and lungs. Meanwhile, let the patient can breathe easily and deeper), CV14 (heart), CV 12 stomach), ST 25 (large intestine), CV5 (triple burner), CV 4 (small intestine), CV 3 (urinary bladder), LR 13 (spleen), LV 14 (liver), GB 25* (kidney), GB 24* (gall bladder).
*Only needle the point when there is tenderness. 
CV 14 and CV 4 combined can treat almost all kind heart problems.

If heart blood is deficient, can treat by herbs or needle UB 17 or strengthen the spleen and drink Chinese small red bean soup to tonify the iron in the body.

If any organ function is too weak, add e-stimulation with a 5-6 HZ to tonify and/or add moxa to treat.

If the body is too cold or yang Qi is weak when the patient’s pulse is too deep and thin, or pulse is strong forceful and big superficially. But, press a little bit harder, there is no pulse until press deeply to bone can feel the tiny bit pulse. If the patient’s facial expression is also no shinny, the patient is severe. Ask if the patient has appetite or not. If not, needle CV 12 (Ren 12) and up, down, left and right 1″ away from CV 12 (Ren 12), plus Moxa. If possible, also subscribe the famous herbal formula Si Shen Tang to promote appetite.

If the patient’s face is dark, without any shinning, plus severe ascites. The patient’s life is in dangerous. We have herbs to use internally or externally. But, besides in China, it’s hard to obtain it. So, we do not discuss here.

Another life in a dangerous situation is besides darkness of his facial expression, the patient’s chest full of fluid and cannot lay down. We have many famous ancient formulas to use depends on the severity. However, we will not discuss here.

Needle the leg

Needle SP 9, SP 8, SP 6, ST 40, and KD 7. 

Needle SP 9, SP8, to use 3″ needle and high frequency 200-500 Hz to sedate extra waters in the whole body. Meanwhile to strengthen the spleen function.

Needle ST 40, to use 3″ needle and high frequency 200-500 Hz to sedate the whole body visible and invisible phlegm.

Needle KD 7, to use 1.5″ needle around 30 degrees down toward to the other side to tonify the kidney yang and clean the blockage under the feet.

Add more needles to treat the other symptoms and remove the root problem.

When a patient faces down to get treated

We needle all of the back shu points of each organ. Mainly, it’s the solid organs of the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, kidney and the cancer site(s). That recovers each organ’s function directly.

For the back shu points, please refer to the Five Shu Table for the point, you can google it. They are: UB 13 (lungs), UB 15 (heart), UB 17 (help blood circulation and tonify blood), UB 18 (liver), UB 20 (spleen), UB 22 (triple burner), UB 23 (kidney). The rest back shu points of UB 14 (pericardium) , UB 19 (gallbladder), UB 21 (stomach), UB 25 (larg intestine), UB 27 (small intestine), UB 28 (urinary bladder) only needle when there is tenderness and/or it’s the cancer site.

By the way, when a patient is facing down, I like to detoxify their emotions as further tonify organs and balance organs. I am used to add needles for UB 42 (sad), UB 44 (to give instant happiness), UB 47 (bad temp), UB 49 (over thinking or call motor mind), UB 52 (only when feel fear).

Needle the leg points as above when a patient faces up to get treated.

How to increase the treatment effect?

Both the patient and acupuncturist should input efforts to increase the treatment effectiveness. Please clinic: (Underwriting)

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