Poor Balance

Poor Balance

Poor balance can cause a patient easily fall down. For an elderly, it could mean bone fracture or life in dangers injury.

Case 1: At Sea – This case is more common that is caused by tight neck
it’s the mid of a two weeks itinerary in South America.

Frieda (F) chatted with his male patient (P) during treatment:
F: “How is your cruise?”
P: “What are you asking?”
F: “Do you have fun for touring South America?”
P: “I never get off the ship. When it’s a port day, I only read my book at deck.”
F: “Why?”
P: “My wife has poor balance. She had many fall downs with many bone fractures.”
F: “I can help your wife. Let her visit me.”
After treated the patient’s wife first time, the next day was a port day. When Frieda came back to ship, she saw the couple walked on the harbor and enjoy the sunshine. The wife walked well.

South American’s sea is not calm in Winter. If there is storm or wind, the waves are high and when you walk on the ship, you can see the person who walks in the front of you is tilted with the ship floor. Sometimes, it’s very tilted.

After the second treatment to the patient’s wife, the patient told Frieda that she could walk well at the ship in the very bad weather without any help and poor balance.

Case 2: Asymptom Parkinson’s Disease
Without other common symptoms as a regular Parkinson’s patient has, the patient came in for poor balance and hip pain. After one treatment, his complains went away. Meanwhile, the patient also noticed that his hand writing was also improved in the same size and in a straight line.

There are other cases of poor balance from hip pain, leg pain, ankle pain or foot/feet pain, no strength to walk or stand, dizziness, etc. are or treatable.

Other cases can be caused by internal medicines such as kidney problems or fluid on the top of diaphragm or dizziness caused by low blood pressure or terminal stage patients, etc.

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