Pineal Gland Enlargement

Pineal Gland Enlargement

If you do not like surgery, you can do acupuncture with moxibution and have good result. However, it;s also better to get neck to be treated.

Do acupuncture first and then do moxa: DU20 moxa, neck loose tight muscles by acupuncture with e-stim if patient do not have pace maker, plus according to TCM diagnosis to treat the root problem(s).

Any brain problem can treat kidney and any water/fluid related problem treat spleen. Like this case is upper body (including head) involved, then, treat lungs.

The root problem of the spleen as well as lungs out off function can related to kidney yang deficiency or liver qi stagnation caused by bad/negative emotion or intake toxins build up in the liver and body or cold food/drinks caused organs yang (functional) deficiency or coldness invade body either from outside wind or from indoor air condition.

For speeding up the treatment, can use my external use magic powder bag to treat.


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