Jiexue Clinical Application

Jiexue Clinical Application

Jiexue Clinical Application Jiexue   Jiuxie can reduce or eliminate the discomfort feelings during acupuncture treatment, improve the efficacy of acupuncture treatment, and help control the time of acupuncture treatment.

Jiexue Location

Jiexue locates at the dent, directly 1 cun above the inner edge (medial) of the patella. It is one point on each side. The Xuehai Xue is above the medial of the patella and 1 cun above on the dent of the 45 degree line. Please don’t get confused.

Jiexue Original Application

Jiexue was taught by Professor Ni, Hai-Xia, L.Ac. (1953-2012). It was originally used for eliminating lower body discomfort after removing the needle. When the patient has blood under the skin, numbness, soreness, or heaviness sensation, etc. The acupuncturist can needle on the opposite side Jiexue. Manipulate the needle, the discomfort will disappear quickly. Then, the needle can be removed. The upper body’s Jiexue locates at the Laogong Xue.

Because the Laogong Xue is painful when needling. After I discovered the Jiexue on the knees can alleviate the discomfort in the whole body, I give up to use the Laogong Xue. In addition, the Jiexue also can solve the same side discomfort.

The Secret of an Effective Acupuncture Treatment

The basic principle of acupuncture treatments is to let the Qi and blood flow smoothly in the body to achieve the healthy purpose.

Cleaning a person’s meridian to freely circulate the Qi and blood, just like cleaning a water pipe. When the water pressure is strong, the time is long enough, the water pipe can be well cleaned.

Later, the chance of re-clogging of the pipe is reduced. The whole water pipe irrigation system is more workable. Therefore, I often tell the patient: “The last five minutes of acupuncture is more effective than the previous half an hour of acupuncture.” Therefore, I often give patients the longest treatment time to the maximum time limit of each clinical session.

Based on the principle of cleaning the water pipe to increase the water pressure to remove the clogging of the meridians, you can use a high-frequency electro-stimulated acupuncture, add moxibustion, add external herbal moxibustion, or accompany hypnosis, cosmic energy therapy, or fixed magnetic therapy can increase treatment effects.

On the patient’s side, can let patients to meditate as often as possible or practice 5 min/day’s DA Zhou Tian everyday, self-hypnosis, do moral cultivation,…… etc. Of course, other medical advice, such as proper diet, posture, lifestyle change, exercises, etc. are also needed.

The Hard Time While Worked At Sea

When working at sea, the treatment time can’t be delayed. Otherwise, it’s not only to look at the bad face of the SPA manager. But, also be corrected at the business review meeting in the evening of sea days. If met a SPA manager who likes to play her/his authority, then every SPA therapist should hold their huger feeling to accompany the lengthy criticisms.

In addition, I entered the acupuncture school after I had white hairs. It’s a huge insult to listen a SPA manager who is about of my grandchildren’s age to criticize me in the front of a crowd. I was afraid that I cannot face it. So, I did my best to perfect myself. If there was a bleeding or any discomfort after the needles were removed, then, I needled the Jiexue and kept apologizing to the patient. Inside my mind was so rushed and worry.

Once there were two cases of delaying pick up the patient on time from the front desk in a same day, besides to look at the SPA manager’s face and listen to the SPA manager’s blame in the evening, I bet, my life got shortened sooner.

Here, I want to mention some cruise ship guests: Most of the patients asked questions or gave me compliments during their treatment session.

But, some patients kept silent during the treatment and after signing the bill, kept asking questions or found a lot of words to complement me. I did hope that they could sense my face was turning pale. I also hoped that they could change the seats to think that if they are the next patient, for surely, they do not want their treating time be cut or delayed. Everyone has their time schedule to rush forward. Please well use your treating period to get everything done within the session due to that’s the time you pay for.

Expansion Jiexue in clinical application

Why do not try to see if I can solve the discomfort after removing needle problem in advance? I didn’t expect this opened a big space for my treatments – it worked so well!

If I keep it with me to the grave, it is not kind. How? I will tell you all, without holding anything.

The Jiexue can quickly resolve the discomfort, it must connect to the whole body.

Get Advance to Step On the Next Level

First of all, I found that if the patient feels heaviness, numbness, distended, pain, … sensation, after I needle the Jiexue, all discomfort immediately reduced. If add e-stim on Jiexue, the result is better. It is also helpful to speed up the treating effects.

It’s a great discovery! Why do not needle the Jiexue first? Especially in pain, cold body constitution, elderly and weak constitution patients?

I didn’t expect the sweetness coming right the way! The patient is more comfortable with the needle. Later, Jiexue is used for all of my patients.

The Secret of the Needling Depth

For a young, mild severity patient, can needle shallower. For an elderly, chronic illness, especially long-term under Western medicine drugs should needle deep. Especially when technology advanced, the drugs particle getting smaller, it can invade more organs and invade an organ deeper. Therefore, needling deeper can prevent organ failure.

In addition, the reason for needling deep for Jiexue and some acupuncture points is:

Today’s world, face with the high-tech and abnormal climate changes, financial challenges, pollution of air, water, food, environment, more chemicals be used, etc. as well as social and political messes, physical and psychological stress, cause deep and severe blockage of the body than before. Insert needle deeper and add more needles need in acupuncture treatments, especially for the old and chronically sick patients.

As I always said that 20 years ago, half inch needle was enough. Ten years ago, 1 inch needle was enough to treat patients well. But, now, I used to use 3″ long needles for many places.

However, the insurance cannot catch the needs to compensate the acupuncturists right. In this case, many medical expenditures are a waste due to cannot reach the expected goal. For most cases, only hold patient do not drop or drop slower instead of reverse patient’s situation.

It’s a big challenge and need to be fixed ASAP in many countries.

The Secret of the Needling Time

If pull the needle from the limbs and hip, shoulder, neck, back, the body does not hold the needle, the problem is done. Otherwise, need more time to treat.

If the patient is under the age of fourteen, when the needle hits the qi, can pull the needle out without leave the needle inside the body. For a younger child, even just use the needle to touch the acupuncture point already effective.

The Magical Effect of the Jiexue

Usually, when insert needle and touch the qi, we stop insertion. One day, there was no challenged case, it is the turn to challenge yourself. Why don’t try to needle the Jiexue deeper?

The fascinating part of Chinese medicine is that it is a forever treasure in the world!

There were new discoveries! After the one meridian that I put needle(s) on was cleared, the qi went to clean up another meridian. It also can do deep cleaning for each meridian that is benefit for the chronic diseases and cut the total treating times.

Oh! No! The session time was running to the end. If I pulled out all needles at the end, the unfinished cleaning meridian should feel sore or heavy or whatever. It for sure would cause trouble to me. If I have already achieved the session’s treatment goal, why for the patient’s extra benefit to catch trouble for myself?

At this moment, I must complete my treatment on time. There are two ways to go:

  1. Lift the Joexue’s needle to a shallow point to not clean too deep and pull them at the last including removing their e-stim at the final. Therefore, I connect the two Jiexue needles on a same pair of the e-stem wires.
  2. Remove the electro-acupuncture clips from the other needles first, and then lift the Jiexue needles to a shallow point. Look at the time, if the time is almost up, then pull the other needles first. After the discomfort disappears, remove the Jiexue needles.

When treating the patient’s back, if the patient takes a prone position, first raise the patient’s knee, needle the Jiexue and add e-stim for them. Then, put down the knees. Due to it will bend the needle, so, I usually use the soft Japan J type Seirin needles to avoid hurting the patient or deal with a broken needle later.

Usually, can use 1″ long needle Jiexue for most of the patients except the patient is a giant. Then, I use 1.5″ long needles for the Jiexue.

The depth control of the Jiexue can control a single session or overall sessions’ treatment time.

By the way, there are selling points for selling anything things: I found that the patient usually would have to come two or three times to solve a problem But, after using the Jiexue, patient’s problem can be solved in one session. I am impatient to see the same patient coming from a same problem for many visits. Therefore, the Jiexue makes me very happy.

But in business, I am probably a fool. Therefore, my dear reader, as you like, you can insert the Jiexue’s depth shallower or needle Jiexue at the last. The beauty of the application depends on your choice.

The Mystery of Electroacupuncture

High frequency stimulation, such as 200-500 Hz can be used for combating the side effects of patients under long-term Western medicine drug treatments. It can reverse the disease as soon as possible. The 5-6Hz can be used in general patients.

The Contribution of the Jiexue

If in a bad timing, the economy is bad and the business competition is hot, when a patient enters the clinic, especially the patient is afraid of pain, keep all patients is important. Unless the patient does not cooperate and you want to kick him out of your clinic. You’d better never be kicked out by the patient because of the discomfort feeling is caused by the needle.

A rapid and effective treatment can build up the patient’s trust and win your reputation. The above is my treatment experience and I hope to benefit you.

If the patient’s physical condition can withstand, try to deepen the needle, and use, the electro-acupuncture to do some acupuncture points such as FongLong ST 40, ShangSanHuang, XiaShangHuang SP 9, SP 8, SP 6, FengShi GB 31, and even for the physically healthy patients with severe blockage, including the Jiexue, XueHai SP 10, use 300-500Hz to stimulate.

If the patient cannot bear it, use a shorter needle and 5-6 Hz electro-acupuncture. Add moxibustion. Until the heat can reach to the other side of the body in order to achieve the purpose of clear the deep blockage.

Sometimes, depending on the patient’s work situation, and the schedule. If the patient needs to work and continue to maintain his physical strength. As needed, can lower the frequency, or change to the low frequency 5-6 Hz to do tonification, to keep the the patient’s physical strength.

Meanwhile, remind the patient that before coming to the clinic, there must be enough food in his stomach to avoid fainting during the acupuncture treatment.

Because during the acupuncture treatment, the enhanced Qi flow is produced from the food in the stomach.

When the food is all digested, it is easy to faint. If you did not request the patient to bring snacks, the clinic should have snacks or bananas that are easy to feed the patient and easy to digest.

Up to now, it reminds me a patient who was frequently in and out of the emergency room from February to April in 2017. Due to the side effects of his medicines, his autonomic and somatic nervous systems could be malfunctioning at any time. He had no appetite and even had no strength to chew. I let him swallow the raw egg yolk and tomato juice with mild salt to avoid faint and keep the acupuncture treatment.

Why Promote the Jiexue Application in Acupuncture Treatments?

A responsible treatment ought to remove the root cause of the patient as soon as possible. So, the patient’s life can return to normal as soon as possible.

By doing so, can increase acupuncture clinic’s patient count. Then, can let acupuncturists get reasonable and legitimate government’s decision-makings, and the reasonable representative seats on the health insurance, government policy making committee, to avoid future catastrophe.

So far, in the aging era and under the current high medical cost, high organ failure rate, high tube insertion rate and kidney dialysis population, many countries’ health insurance system could break within 10-20 years.

The young people paid their funding for them retire use. But there is no hope for them. In the future, the hates and opposite against between the young generation and the elderly could be foreseen.

So far, under the Western medicine controlled health insurance, the TCM health insurance reimbursement is far too less than the Western medicine treatments. Today, under the severe medical challenges that were mentioned above, that induced the treatments of Chinese medicine becomes less and less effective.

The Current Dilemma of the Western Medical System

Under the mainstream of the Western medicine, not only the medical cost jumps to sky high, but also worsen the chemical environmental pollution. Which affects the supply of the future food chain. Moreover, increased organ failure with low organ donation rate, forces the governments to accept accelerated research and produce on human and animal DNA hybrid chimeras in order to pick up human organs from animals.

It is not only no humanity. Once it runs out of control, it creates a nightmare for the world that a human shape outside, but major inside of an animal, we cannot identify he is an animal or a person.

In addition, Western medicine has artificial repair gene therapy, and human infants born with pure, artificially modified genes have been manufactured in China.

Any high-tech, such as artificial intelligence, atomic, nuclear, biochemical, etc., develops in the end, except for some useful humanitarian projects, which generally constitute the nightmare of most people. This is caused by human selfishness and/or lack of conscious awakening.

For the rich people’s organ transplant needs and organ transplanted statistics, please refer to the following links. If you don’t understand English, you can use Google Translate.

  1. U.S. Government Information on Organ Donation and Transplantation https://www.organdonor.gov/statistics-stories/statistics/data.html
  2. National Kidny Foundation (USA) https://www.kidney.org/news/newsroom/factsheets/Organ-Donation-and-Transplantation-Stats
  3. Statistics about organ donation (UK) https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/supporting-my-decision/statistics-about-organ-donation/

Financial disadvantage families usually must choose to let the patients suffer less and get into the soil earlier.

The Extreme Challenges for the World Medical Communities to Face

On the other hand, the baby boomers born after the Second World War have entered the age of aging. At present, the population structure of the inverted triangle, the general recession of the world economy, the rise of medical costs, and the welfare and support of the elderly have caused enormous financial burdens on various countries. In many countries, health care and the old-age support system are facing a collapse.

The effectiveness and cost reduction of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to save the world medical system and make the elderly life get support.

At the same time, review the whole medical system and expenditures to compare the TCM and western medicine treatment cost is highly needed.

Appeal to My Comrades

All of my comrades, in order to maintain the sacred medical cause, safeguard human dignity, the quality of the patient’s life, and hope that everyone will be the future generations’ happiness, to avoid ourselves be intubated, organ failure, and before death, our body temperature is warm to be sent to the morgue.

Therefore, let us do our best when we have breathing and have a little strength to fight for the right medicine!

Although it’s a tough journey, nothing is impossible. No matter what, the wrong cannot win the right eventually. If let the righteousness last forever, where can the mistake hid!

For us to be born on this epoch-making divide, let’s lead the world into the right path.

Do not miss the chance! Don’t expect another human extinction and expect reincarnation, everything starts with zero culture.

© Frieda Mah, L.Ac., International Speaker, International Best Seller Author, and Coach