Insomnia or Sleep Problem

Insomnia or Sleep Problem

Insomnia or Sleep Problem   Insomnia causes tiredness and many health problems even some patients are hardly to sleep early could cause the other world soul to stick with.

Find Out the Insomnia Pattern and Know How to Treat

Usually insomnia have the following patterns: Most of them can be treated in one of 1-hour treatment.

  1. Cannot go to bed before 11:00 PM ~ 1:00 AM – gallbladder problem.
  2. Cannot sleep  or wake up between 1:00 AM ~ 3:00 AM – liver problem.
  3. Cannot sleep or wake up between 3:00 AM ~ 5: 00 AM – lungs problem.
  4. Shallow sleep or wake up often – heart problem.
  5. Wake up at night and go to restroom – kidney yang problem can be treated by acupuncture. Usually one to two treatments done. However, for kidney dialysis patient will take longer time. However, add moxibustion and Frieda’s unique external herbal formula, can get treated sooner. There was a case who had 3 times kidney dialysis/week, within a month and was treated 3 sessions/week, no swollen, could urinate 1200 c.c. /day with clear urine.

    If keep kidney dialysis treatment and without following instructions to do exercises that can use willing power to do 5 min/day or control diet without eating star fruit and cold temperature or cold property foods, it’s hardly to get out the acupuncture treatment.

  6. Hard fall in sleep – motor mind – spleen problem. It’s root can be kidney or liver problem. Usually one of 1-hour treatment done or wait until all organs function improved.
  7. Sleep apnea – tongue falls backward – heart problem; nose could not breathe – lungs problem (usually one to three of one hour treatment done).
  8. Nightmares and/or wield dreams – liver and/or gallbladder fire. Majority cases, one of 1-hour treatment done.
  9. Too much dreams is due to heart energy deficiency.
  10. Walk and drive – drug problems
  11. Walk and talk – stress (one hour  treatment done) Please read the first case of insomnia.
  12. Walk and cook  or do whatever – PTSD (two of one-hour treatments done)
  13. Insomnia caused by internal or external pain or post surgery pain. It depends on severity and places. Could be one treatment to severe for cancer patients to a couple of treatments. Even only one treatment can improve the sleeping quality.

A Tough Insomnia Case

Frieda had a tough case who was came in for sea sickness but had years insomnia plus two months TCM treatments and got done in one treatment for both insomnia and sea sickness. But within the one hour, her body kept asking needle to fix five organs functions as well as relieve fires and many symptoms from many organs’ problems.

An Interest Insomnia Case: It’s hard to refuse to get the Chinese medicine treatment.

There was an interest case that a couple both had insomnia. usually they waked up and chat. The wife after first treatment, she slept well and the second day came in for treatment for her the other health issues with emotion disturbed by her husband due to she did not wake up and chatted with her husband.  The third day the skeptical husband came in and told me that he could not wake up his wife and felt too bore to wake up alone . Therefore, he came in for treatment. The second day and thereafter, I did not see him again.

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