Increase Acupuncture Treatment Effectiveness

Increase Acupuncture Treatment Effectiveness

Increase Acupuncture Treatment Effectiveness It is to increase the efficacy of each acupuncture treatment session in order to meet nowadays medical needs that has more challenges than in the medical history had ever. Otherwise, it’s hardly to reverse the drug’s long term damage.

Nowadays acupuncturists encountered more challenges than before:

  1. More toxins in foods, waters, air, environments, etc.
  2. More complicated world to face: weather changes, natural disasters, wars, more severely sick family members/friends, human relations, quick response communication channels, etc.
  3. Face more personality deviated people who take drugs.
  4. Face more competitions: global competition, AI and robot competition, etc. that increased mental diseases cases and severity.
  5. Drugs are more toxic and induced more severe side effects than before.
  6. More elderly who took longer times drugs. Accumulated drugs side effects are more severe than even.

The above factors let many patients need more treatment sessions and/or longer time sessions. In today’s human environment, the healthcare professionals face more and severe challenges. Treatment cost is increased.

However, the acupuncture time and reimbursement are limited by insurance companies, or the patient does not have time or money to get needed treatments, or fear of needles, or body stiffness that limited the treatment time and added treatment constrains. All of them cannot meet the needs to reverse the diseases.

Under these two contradictory needs, only changing the methods of medical treatment can be more effective to let the patients have a better life.
Some useful recommendations are listed below:

  1. To do preventive health care instead of passive healthcare. Such as do acupuncture weekly to detoxify and balance organs.
  2. Educate the patient correct common medical knowledge to prevent diseases such as keeping away from chemical intake, and encourage them to practice Da Zhou Tian, Hang on the monkey bar, to strengthen their health.
  3. To cultivate moral in order to increase their frequency and prevent disease. Please read Body Mind Soul Relationships. How do you know that it is a moral virtue? For example, love and hate are two relatively different choices. Which mentality to choose?Method one, put the two hands relatively hot, on both thighs Feel that they have the same temperature.Then, put one palm up nearby the mouth and say “I love you!” 3 to 5 times. Immediately raise the other hand and say the same number of times, but different words “I hate you!” Immediately put your hands on both thighs and you will feel the heat of “I love you!” hand is warmer. The other hand is colder. So, you know the health effects of virtue. Physiological function requires heat. Only good morality can increase the body’s yang Qi and thermal energy.Method two, align the horizontal stripes of the wrists, and make sure that from the horizontal stripes of the two wrists to the middle fingertips have the same length.

    Then, put one palm up nearby the mouth and say “I love you!” more than 3 to 5 times. Immediately raise the other hand and say the same number of times, but different words “I hate you!” Immediately align the wrists of both hands and look at the length of the both middle fingertips. You will see the middle finger of the “I love you!” hand is longer. So, let children, employees, and your group members live in a loving environment!

  4. Teach patients to do whole body self-healing therapy (exercise therapy, food therapy, acupressure therapy, Magnet Therapy, hypnosis or meditation therapy, comprehensive cosmic energy therapy, BA Gua Holographic Number Therapy, Ho’oponopono therapy, etc.). We will write books one by one to introduce them. Please look for our international Best Selling book of A Wealth of Health!: Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia.
  5. Bao Chi Fa treats hard to treat soft tissue pain. It’s especially for the pain from falling, hit hard stuffs, or a tumor (not the cancer case), etc.
  6. Jiexue Application lets you flexible control the treatment results. – to be written soon.
  7. Use moxibustion and depends on situation to add external herbs to enhance the treatment results such as for severe blockage of pain, cancer, cold constitution or ascites, etc.
  8. For a quicker result for damaged organisms, can consider using growth factors. Please read the Gangrene Case.

  9. Use high frequency e-stim device of 150-500 Hz to unblock the body blockage and/or expel sticky phlegm in the body.

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