How to treat kidney failure by acupuncture?

How to treat kidney failure by acupuncture ?

Treat kidney diseases is not hard in TCM.

How to treat kidney failure by acupuncture? It’s not hard and/or take long time to treat kidney failure to get recovery by acupuncture and moxibustion. If one can treat the kidney failure, to treat the kidney diseases or recover a weak kidney function is a piece of cake.

What washes out the acupuncturist treatment efforts?

The hardest part is how to stop the acupuncture treatment efforts be washed out by the kidney dialysis center (wash out the most) again and again, drugs as well as by the patient who is used to not take the responsibility to not abuse his body due to the western medicine does not request patients to make many changes as the Chinese medicine does!

Such as a patient’s lifestyle and moral cultivation also can cause health problems.

It’s the easy money flowing to the kidney dialysis center directly from government, insurance and the patient. The kidney dialysis center can make kidney dialysis fee until the patient died in general.

Except the patient makes a smart decision to pick up the right treatment without greedy to enjoy the high dialysis compensation. Once step in the dialysis choice, it needs braveness to overcome everything encountered.

If the kidney dialysis patient can follow his acupuncturist’s instruction to not intake cold temperature and/or cold property foods and drinks, even get kidney dialysis treatment, there is the chance to improve his situations slowly.

Of cause, if the patient only accepts the right acupuncturist’s treatment, the full recovery can be very relatively quick to obtain in general.

How much does the government spend on kidney dialysis patients?

According to the 2018 Annual Data Report Highlights of the UNITED STATES RENAL DATA SYSTEM
“The total Medicare spending on both CKD and ESRD patients was in excess of $114 billion.”

Note: CKD is the chronic kidney disease.
ESRD is the end stage renal disease.

If the kidney failure patients can be well treated, the $114 billion can be released to put into education or into any other beneficial items for the country’s future. It is a construction force in the country instead of a consumption.

On the other hand, if the kidney failure population can be well treated to let them live as a normal person. That will turn their life around to be a family and social contributor instead of becoming a burden.

How to use acupuncture to treat kidney failure?

In general, when a patient has his kidney failure, his organ functions are disharmony and under drugs most above a decade.

In order to balance the organ functions, we can let patient face up on the treating bed for one time and take turns for the next time to face down on the treating bed. And keep so on.

To make the urine clear is easy: Needle Linggu (LI 4 more close to the turning point of the bone body and bone head turning point), DaBai (LI 3) to make the urination clear. They are powerful to do so. Plus tonify kidney to bring kidney function back.

To combat the drugs damage to the body, we ought to detoxify the liver by using 3″ long needle with a high frequency of 200-500 Hz e-stimulation to sedate minimum two of the ShangSanHuang xue. If the patient is weak, only use 5-6 Hz e-stimulation in the whole body to do tonifying.

If there is any inflammation and/or infection, it should be treated first. Mild situation can be fixed with the regular acupuncture treatment. We will discuss more severe situations in another article. Let’s focus on the regular organ failure cases without any complications.

When a patient faces up to get treated

We needle all of the front mu point of each organ. That recovers each organ’s function directly.

For the front mu (acupuncture) points, please refer to the Five Shu Table. 
To the point, you can google it. They are LU 1 (lungs), CV 17 (pericardium, regulate the heart and lungs. Meanwhile, let the patient can breathe easily and deeper), CV14 (heart), CV 12 stomach), ST 25 (large intestine), CV5 (triple burner), CV 4 (small intestine), CV 3 (urinary bladder), LR 13 (spleen), LV 14 (liver), GB 25* (kidney), GB 24* (gall bladder).
*Only needle the point when there is tenderness. 
CV 14 and CV 4 combined can treat almost all kind heart problems.

For the heart fire, needle H 8 if needed, needle both HT 8 and HT 9.

If heart blood is deficient, can treat by herbs or needle UB 17 or strengthen the spleen and drink Chinese small red bean soup to tonify the iron in the body.

If any organ function is too weak, add e-stimulation with a 5-6 HZ to tonify and/or add moxa to treat.

When there is nocturnal or frequent urination, add KD 12. If severe, add moxa.

Needle the leg

Needle SP 9, SP 8, SP 6, ST 40, and KD 7.
Needle SP 9, SP8, to use 3″ needle and high frequency 200-500 Hz to sedate extra waters in the whole body. Meanwhile to strengthen the spleen function.
Needle ST 40, to use 3″ needle and high frequency 200-500 Hz to sedate the whole body visible and invisible phlegm.
Needle KD 7, to use 1.5″ needle around 30 degrees down toward to the other side to tonify the kidney yang and clean the blockage under the feet.

Add more needles to treat the other symptoms and remove the root problem.

When a patient faces down to get treated

We needle all of the back shu points of each organ. Mainly, it’s the solid organs of the lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidney. That recovers each organ’s function directly.

For the back shu points, please refer to the Five Shu Table for the point, you can google it. They are: UB 13 (lungs), UB 15 (heart), UB 17 (help blood circulation and tonify blood), UB 18 (liver), UB 20 (spleen), UB 22 (triple burner), UB 23 (kidney). The rest back shu points of UB 14 (pericardium) , UB 19 (gallbladder), UB 21 (stomach), UB 25 (larg intestine), UB 27 (small intestine), UB 28 (urinary bladder) only needle when there is tenderness.

By the way, when a patient is facing down, I like to detoxify their emotions as further tonify organs and balance organs. I am used to add needles for UB 42 (sad), UB 44 (to give instant happiness), UB 47 (bad temp), UB 49 (over thinking or call motor mind), UB 52 (only when feel fear).

Needle the leg points as above when a patient faces up to get treated.

When there is a meridian fire

Needle each meridian’s ying xue on the Five Shu Table.

How to increase the treatment effect?

Both the patient and acupuncturist should input efforts to increase the treatment effectiveness. Please clinic: (Underwriting)

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