How Do TCM Practitioners Treat Diseases?

How Do TCM Practitioners Treat Diseases?

  1. TCM is not only taking care symptoms but also takes care the root problems.
  2. For the classic traditional medicine, we do preventive healthcare to avoid sicknesses. Please click and read Health Concept in TCM.
  3. For pain, TCM makes qi and blood flow smoothly without blockage. However, for preventive health care, we will find out why did you get the blockage and we will treat the root problem or let you avoid the problem such as wrong posture can cause neck pain, beck pain, or western exercise can cause verity pains, etc.
  4. For internal medicine, TCM recovers organs’ functions and let them do their jobs such as food allergies, we treat spleen to let it push enzymes from pancreas except to digest fat by correctting liver function. Poor nutrition not due to shortage for food (It’s not the popular advertisements said that nowadays foods do not content enough nutrition. Please read nutrition in Chinese medicine), we treat spleen to let it absorb enough nutrition instead of taking supplements. If take supplements, eventually, body lost it’s secretion function for needed enzymes. Another example is instead of transfuse blood, we strengthen organs’ functions to regularly blood generation. Meanwhile, we balance all organs to let there is no deficiency and/or deficiency.
  5. For abnormal emotions, we treat related organs. Please click and read Table -1. For anxiety, we balance five organs functions.
  6. If there is no broken, why fix it (by surgery)? TCM does best to keep body’s original organisms and make them function better.
  7. Request patients change diet, life styles that causes diseases and do exercises, meditation, moral cultivation to avoid sickness.For diet, life styles change, we do hypnosis and patient do not need struggle for it. We can do it separately or with regular acupuncture treatment.We posted 5 minutes/day exercises Da Zhou Tian that you can do it at any where. Even can seat to do it. No one can have excuse for no time to do it.

    For meditation and moral cultivation, please visit, we will add classes for them.

Therefore, our treatment cost is also a lot cheaper than majority of the western medicine treatments.

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