How Does TCM View Diseases?

How Does TCM View Diseases?

In TCM, internal medicine, we treat diseases as a seed (that causes sick) be planted into the soil (body). The first straight root is the weakest organ that is invaded by the disease. Then, there grow more root branches. It means that more organs are invaded by the sickness according to the Five Organs Relationship.

Above the soil, there grows branches and leaves that represent symptoms of the diseases.
Therefore, if a disease without treating the root problem, i.e. dig out the root the tree will continuously grow and the patient is getting worse.

The new grow branches and eaves are the consequences of not digging out the tree root. However, the western medicine calls them “new discovered diseases”! How funny is it?

What do we do? As a preventive healthcare provider as we do, we dig out the root to make the disease has no chance to grow more roots i.e. invade more organs and without growing any more symptoms (leaves and branches). However, as a patient, you suppose not stop your treatment when the symptoms were gone or are cut down. If the root still exists, the root will keep growing and new branches and leaves will keep growing out. You might think that you save money by stopping treatments earlier. But, actually you will spend more money to take the root out and the treatment will become more complicated and you need higher skilled Chinese medicine physician (charge more usually) to take care of you.

Therefore, I had a gentleman called in and wanted to make an appointment for his wife. I told him that I only accept new patients two months later. He told me that his wife prefers to wait for me due to the on-line review and his wife read my website. I told him that the sickness tree will keep growing, it’s better to find another acupuncturist to treat her in order to avoid her getting worse during the waiting period.

On another hand, you suppose not think about a person who digs out the root charges the same money as trim the tree due to they involve different skills. You should also notice that you need to hire a good skilled people to dig out the tree root instead of cut the stem at the level of the soil that will grow more branches and roots later on. It’s the same as you treat the healthcare providers who treat your sickness tree.

Then, how do I know that I am well treated? When can I stop my treatments?

Keep health as keep our home neat and clean. After you read them and stopped the treatment, you have two ways to do.

  1. DIY (Do it by yourself): Do qi gong or the Whole Body Healing System, have healthy life style, keep a good diet and positive attitude, or do meditation, self-hypnosis to give a healthy suggestion or do self-energy healing, etc.
  2. Buy services: Let we do preventive healthcare for you periodically. we highly recommend you to do it weekly and increase frequency as your stress level is high or you have health issues.

I used to tell many patients that their issues were caused by their old stress before their retirement. They used to say that now, I retired, I have no stress. I used to say that “Well, when you worked, it likes the stress tree was keeping to add water and fertilizers into your sickness tree. After you retired, it likes no water and fertilizer be added to the tree. However, the cause of the stress root has not been dug out, the tree still can grow but reduced the speed.” Therefore, I used to clear their stress root out. After that, it is not only the patient’s symptoms gone but he/she also has happier and better emotions with better energy plus over all well beings.

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