How Often Should I Get Treated?

How Often Should I Get Treated?

For this question, it’s depends on your sickness severity, your other factors such as stress level, sickness prognosis speed, physical strength to keep the treatment result, how soon that you want to be better, etc. Of cause, financial status is also an important factor.

Usually, especially in the beginning, when off the acupuncture treatment, your situation will drop in shorter time compare with your later treatment. Like the learning curve, we repeated study before the learning curve drop down and repeated until it becomes flat without drop. You are from unconscious unknown or conscious unknown to  go through conscious known. Then reach unconscious know stage, we can stop the treatment.

We will request how often that you need treatment. Your body will definitely tell us how often it needs the treatments i.e what is the maximum time between two treatments. The decision factors are:

  1. Your target level for your health. Though we will give you advise or we let you come to our website to get educated.
  2. Your target date for improvement such as you want to ride off your pain ASAP to have pain free life. Or, you want to lost how much weight in order to fit your dreamed formal dress.
  3. The improvement % of each treatment. Lower % means higher frequency is needed or longer treating time is needed for each treatment session.
  4. The time period that you can keep your treatment improvement. Usually, the idea case is before you drop, we boost you up by another treatment. Your body can tell us how to do frequency adjustment.
  5. Usually, if your time is available, can do every day for a period of time, then, get off. Then do it again or in a less frequent pattern due to you improved. Many physicians set it as one week or 10 days as a period or your body can tell a break is needed. Most do every other day or twice or three times or once a week or when you getting better, it’s every other week or once a month or every two ~ three or quality or semi-annually or annually depends on your situation.
  6. It is also depends on the health provider’s schedule availability.
  7. At sea, due to the short time could get treated plus the severity of the chief complain or the number of issues needed to be taking care, many patients came to do twice a day to treat different pain areas or focus on different health issues. If twice a day, usually 5~7 days can take a break. Though some patients are eagerly to get better ASAP can keep for 10 days in a roll for twice treatments/day.
  8. For most of time, I add “It is also depends on how thick your pocket is to allow money flow out off your pocket. However, by frequent treatments, you speed up recovery speed and the total cost is less.”
  9. If it’s pain relief, after your meridian(s) can flow smoothly and mscles/tendons be loosen, bone be strengthen, once the pain gone, it can last long time. Like a pipe be 100% cleaned i.e. unblocked, it takes longer time to get it back. You do not need repeated treatment. However, you can come back to strengthen your ogan’s function to make it last even longer such as muscle problem, we treat your spleen and if stress involved, we also soothe your liver and let you change or transform your attitude to deal with daily stress.

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