How Long Do You Keep the Happy Pins (Needles) In?

How Long Do You Keep the Happy Pins (Needles) In?

The decision factor is depends on many factors:

  1. If your health provider accept health insurance, the reimbursement from your health insurance provider and the operation cost plus living cost decide how many patients should be treated by an hour or by a day. From that, figured out how long you can staying on the treating table i.e the maximum time that the needles can be staying inside your body. This is for the majority of acupuncture clinics.
  2. The malpractice insurance that your health provider carried. There are two major types in the US: one is 20 minutes maximum plus changing cloth time, it’s 30 minutes. Another one from OUM due to its premium is higher, the treating time is depends on needs.
  3. Depends on the business of the clinic, the clinic rooms availability or how much income a clinic owner want to make. On another words, it depends on the book-ins and can do mild adjustment by patient’s needs.
  4. As our clinic, we do not carry health insurance, it depends on your body needs.
  5. Our body is smart, when treating for pain, and when body needs the happy pin to help clear the meridian, it is hardly to be pulled out. In severe situation, when pull out the happy pin, patient fell severe pain. Under this situation, we pull out it quickly in order to get it out before body give reaction to tell “I need the needle” by feeling pain while pulling out the pin. When body is full recovered, it will push the pin out gradually and the pin can drop out by your body’s pushing out force. Once body is recovered, it will treat the happy pin like an instructor and expels it out off the body. Usually, we wait until the heaviness, soreness, etc. sensation(s) goes away, then we try to pull out the happy pin, if it’s easily to get out, that done, if not, means you need longer treating time.
  6. When treating for internal problems, we wait until your meridian flow smoothly or situation get improved. Such as for stress relief, your facial expression can tell us that you are fully relaxed or not. When it fully relaxed, your sesory organs will not close to each other and your face can not only tell us how happy and relax you are. It also makes you look like ten years younger – instant facial rejuvenation.
  7. Of cause, your time availability and health provider’s schedule availability are also  factors.
  8. Another situation that we encountered: Patient feels hunger and starts to have dis-comfortable feeling comes out such as cold, hungry, trimmer, or even headache or pain. If patient brings in snacks such as banana or finger food that we can feed him/her, then the treatment can keep going on. Otherwise, before out off patient’s tolerance, we stop the treatment and pull out all happy pins. You feel hungry quicker than usually is due to during the treatment all of the energy flow are withdrew from your stomach foods. Once they all gone, your body will use dis-comfort sensation to tell us to stop the treatment. Some patient even under pain still want us to treat. We will tell him/her: “If we keep treatment to compete nutrition supply to your brain, your brain will memorize it forever and let you hate acupuncture treatment forever.”
  9. Another situation to let us stop treatment is your posture keeps in one specific posture and make you feel tired that your body wants to move. Usually, if you lay down or seat down for treatment at your most comfortable posture, it will help you staying longer for the treatment.
  10. Usually, keep the happy pins in as long as needed is the best due to like a pipe be cleaned up, it last longer time without blockage. On another hand, the treatment effectiveness can last longer. As I always told my patients that” The last five minutes treatment effectiveness is far more than the beginning 30 minutes treatment.”  It’s like you are cleaning a pipe, you push water in, the cleaning speed is speeding up quicker and quicker as time passed by.

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