How Do I know That I Am Well Treated?

How Do I know That I Am Well Treated?

If you think that your symptoms reduced to be tolerable is well treated, then, you will make a biggest mistake. Please read How TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) View Diseases?

The correct answer is that your sickness root problem(s) be eliminated than you are well treated. You should know by yourself or follow our thumb of rules.

  1. You are happy and can think positively.
  2. Always appreciate your life that you feel happy and gratitude for the people that you deal with, the things that you encountered> Good things are worth for good mood. Bad things is God’s blessing for a chance to let you grow wisdom to face it, handle it and solve it.
  3. Your energy flow smoothly and you are energetic always but calm and not in hypo or manic mood.
  4. You reach a healthy person’s physical standard.

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