Heart Pain Cases

Heart Pain Cases

  • Male, 57 years old patient had strokes, heart pain and always felt chest/heart ares discomfort and it radiated to left armpit.After treated his heart problem, the heart and chest problem were still bothered him. Then, checked his chest muscles.It was caused by basket ball hit when he was high school and early years of college life. After loosing the muscles, the situation gone.
  • Male, 57 years old was came in for TCM treatment in order to avoid balloon procedure.Once heart blood vessels have blockage, it is the whole body’s problem. Only balloon treatment can not solve all of the potential problems such as blockage in the brain could cause stroke.
    After his blood vessel problems be solved (no purple color at heart area on the tongue top), one day, he complained heart/chest area pain, I treated his chest like above case, his pain relived by two ~ three treatments due to the same reason caused by ball games.Several days later, he complained heart pain again, I called him in and relaxed his neck muscles and pain relived. It’s due to heart nerves lodge on the neck from C1~T5 (note 1).Another day, this patient came in to complained heart pain again and back of head muscle discomfort. It was caused by his breathing machine was too tight if wanted to hold it in place. The tight strip blocked his energy flow to back of head and caused pain. After I loosened that area’s muscle, his heart pain was also gone.

All of those cases explained heart pain does not necessary caused by heart it’s self or the blood is too sticky. They were pure muscle problems. By sharing those cases is to let practitioners think on another way to treat clinic diseases. Again, it does not make semse that TCM need treat a problem over long time.

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Note 1: Atlas of Human Anatoimy 3rd edition by Frank H. Netter, M.D.




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