Explanation for Thirst

Explanation for Thirst

Explanation for Thirst

  • After sports or hot days sweating or eat dry food, feel thirst is normal. Otherwise, thirst is wrong. It can be caused by stomach heat or psychological reason.

    Psychologically, some people think that drink a lot water every day can help detox. If the patient already has a water retention in his body, this is a very wrong concept. Due to add more water metabolism load to low functional organ(s) can cause more water retention and other problems such as swollen. Because water outside our body can clean a lot things. However, when it enters our body, it exists in electrolyte form and mixes with many moving stuffs inside our body. It is not in the pure water form any more.

    Once there is water retention, with the body heat, it becomes sticky to hold more toxins inside the body. If one is healthy, his body can do detoxification by itself without any other help. Meanwhile, fluid inside our body is recycled to be reused.

    Only a healthy person can expel extra water outside the body. Otherwise, drink more than body needs can cause diseases, especially many weird diseases that cannot be detected.

  • If one never feels thirsty, it can be caused by the cold body who has reduced heat, the patient has no sweat or less sweats than a normal person. In most cases, there is a water retention in the patient’s body. Therefore, if pressed on patient’s Yinlingquan SP 9 will have tenderness or pain. More severe water retention, the pain or tenderness is worse. Water retention can happen in a thin person too.
    SP 9 at medial side of the leg nearby the knee

    SP 9 at medial side of the leg nearby the knee

    Water retention prolonged can become phlegm. That causes a lot wield diseases such as Seizure, Austin, tumor, cancers and many no clues western diseases that the lab test machine cannot detect out anything. Prolonged phlegm can cause blood stagnation and make sickness becoming worse.

    Chinese medicine has herbs and/or acupuncture with moxa to expel phlegm, blood stasis and recover the organ’s functions to not generate phlegm and blood stasis again.

  • No matter how much does a person drink, he still feels thirst, it can be excess stomach heat or he is a diabetic patient. Both of them need to be treated. Another situation is in the hot weather and/or just after exercises that patient sweats out a lot, but patient drank cold or ice water too quick that his stomach does not have enough time to evaporate the water in order to moisturize his mouth.

    Therefore, if one feels thirsty, it’s better to drink nearby body temperature’s water and then drink by small amount of water each time. That is the best way to solve thirst. In case of drink huge amount icy water is not good for anyone’s heart and health. Please read Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems.

  • Ask the patient what temperature water that he likes to drink instead of what he drinks that could be educated to drink room temperature. Otherwise, an acupuncturist could not find the real problem for the patient.
  • If the patient likes to drink cold water, it means that there is excess heat inside his stomach and patient is also easily feels hungry. It needs to be treated.
  • If the patient likes to drink hot or warm water, it means that the patient has coldness inside his stomach. If severe, it can reduce patient’s appetite. This situation, need to be treated.
  • If a patient likes to drink room temperature that is close to the body temperature is normal.

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