Explanation for Four Limbs

Explanation for Four Limbs

Explanation for Four Limbs

Note: The “you” in the explanation art is talking to the healthcare provider.

  • Normally, if the body always feels warmer rather than cold, perhaps it’s the excessive heat and needs treatments. It also can be a healthy person, especially for young kids whose defensive energy (Wei Qi) is strong and does not feel the warm is discomfort, it does not need any treatment. But asked the child in the cold day, after sweating, it’s vulnerable to cold. Therefore, to dry the sweats first, to make the pores closed that is less likely to catch cold.
  • Body feels cold often, it must be treated. It’s yang deficiency in general.
  • Cold feet, to be treated with different herbs if it needs to be covered depends on the season. However, if treated by acupuncture, needle the same point – Fuliu KD 7 to raise kidney yang to make the feet warmer.
  • If one’s feet are warm, there is no worry for heart disease and cancer. Thus, when treating patients, we must pay attention to patient’s cold feet. Usually, if soles have a blockage which can be caused by wearing saddle that coldness enters to toe tips and blocked yin and yang energy transmission in the legs. In this case, you can feel cold air radiated from toe tips toward to your hands that has some distance with your patient’s feet. You do not need to touch patient’s any part of feet to feel the coldness. Otherwise, for sanitizing reason, you ought to wash your hands after touching your patient’s feet.
    You should explain the reason for not suitable to wear saddle* for the patient, especially when he/she is elderly.

    *The toe tips and fingertips are the connection points of yin and yang. When getting older, the yang qi is weak, when move the feet, they are easily invaded by a cold wind, that can cause blockage on the toe tips and block the yin and yang connections.

    It also can be caused by longstanding or caused by in-taking diabetes medicine that let all of the glucose sink to the feet. That’s why numbness starts from toes, then feet, then getting higher and higher if not get treated earlier. It’s also easily cause erosion later on. Chinese medicine can treat the erosion. Acupuncture with growth factor** can treat too. But the western medicine if failed with the oxygen treatment, should do amputation surgery.

    **Please read Gangrene Case.

    If  it’s caused by long standing, please click and read Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall. If the feet are blocked, it can be treated by moxibustion KD 1 or use 2″ to needle into the Fuliu KD 7 toward the opposite side of the heel in the same leg. The patient will feel heaviness first, then feel lighter later. If use electronic stimulation, it will be faster, usually one treatment done.

  • If put a patient’s hand over his/her forehead, if palm is warmer, it’s healthy. If not, the patient’s chest has phlegm. You also can use one hand to hold the patient’s hand and other hand, put on patient’s forehead to feel the temperature difference. Meanwhile, by doing so, you also can check the patient’s heart pumping force to reach the tip of fingers or not. Meanwhile, feel the patient’s hand is too dry or sweating, too red or too pale. They all mean different health issues. We will talk it later with hand diagnosis.
  • If the upper body is hotter and lower body is colder, there is blockage in between. It could be phlegm in (lower) lungs or blockage in the middle jiao*. It is a case of hot/cold complex case and need to treat to ride it off.
    * The middle Jiao is the middle burner. It’s between the diaphragm and umbilicus. It covers the spleen and stomach in Chinese medicine.
  • If any local area is hot or red, it could be as severe as cancer or tumors, or could be caused by tight local muscle or tendon. There was a friend whose neck was red, hot and itchy. Due to there was no hard mass by touching. I told her that it was caused by her local muscle/tendon tightness. It blocked yang Qi that cannot penetrate neck. Instead, it reflexes outside become hot and red. This friend is very afraid of needles. Later, she told me that after the massage, her symptoms gone. Take immediate action to protect your best asset – Health!

Take immediate action to protect your best asset – Health!

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