Explanation for Bowel Movement

Explanation for Bowel Movement

Explanation for Bowel Movement

Note: The “you” in the explanation art is talking to the healthcare provider.

  • There are either internal coldness or heat can cause constipation. Heat evaporates water from the bowel too quickly and causes constipation. However, coldness slows down or eliminates the intestines peristalsis movement. At the same time you should know that if it’s the duodenum, small intestine (if only small intestinal gets blockage alone, one will fart more but without smell, otherwise, if the large intestine is also blocked, fart can be smelled) or colon having blockage. Can use pressure on the related location to do diagnose. Constipated area will not feel comfortable for applying pressure on it  or can feel the hard stool inside.
  • Normal stool color is yellowish or brownish. If eat more vegetables, the color will be green. If patient has bloody or black stool, please pay attention to it.
  • If the patient is taking Chinese herbs or having acupuncture treatments that can cause black stools that are the old stools staying in the intestines for long time, but be pushed outside by herb or TCM treatments. It is normal. Please do not worry.
  • If blood is before stool coming out or coming out after blood, it means the  different location of hemorrhoid,  i.e. internal or external hemorrhoid. Usually, if there is black bloody stool, you will have to pay attention for it and it’s more serious.
  • Too soft or loose: There is water retention in the middle jiao or there is excessive water inside intestines.
  • Diarrhea: If there is no odorless, it is caused by coldness inside. Once meet outside cold or intake cold can have diarrhea. Otherwise, it is caused by heat. Or, it can be caused by food poisoning.

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