Emotional Disorder Acupuncture Treatment

Emotional Disorder Acupuncture Treatment

Emotional Disorder Acupuncture Treatment is talking about Frieda’s emotional disorder treatment experiences.

When treated the severe bipolar patient that had a decades drug treatment history, the turning good reaction is always the emotional release to turn the patient to be a very manic state. That caused the care giver’s trouble and gave up to treat these kind patients.

Besides that, Frieda treats any kind emotional disorders including stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, sleeping walking, abused patients, etc. All of them got excellent results. Usually, for most regular cases, one of an hour treatment session for emotional detoxification is enough for stress and anxiety.

Emotional Detoxification

BL 13, BL 15, BL 17,  BL 18, BL 20, BL 23, BL 42, BL 44, BL 47, BL 49, SP 9, KD 7. SP 6
                                                                               e-stim*           e-stim*            e-stim*

*The e-stem uses notified frequency of 5 to 6 Hz. If the patient has a pacemaker, it’s better not use the e-stim to avoid not deplete battery life of the pacemaker.

UB 52 is only used for patient feel fear or afraid about something. It had been used for an eleven-year-old boy who had nightmares from his father violently mental and physical abused his Mom. After two treatments, the boy was happy again and no fear anymore.
After emotional detoxification, if the patient is not energized right the way, can be very sleepy and after sleep, be energized and emotional feel happy.

The worst patient had cried for three days and nights. The others had different bad emotions came out within different time frames. After that, they all feel energized and happy.
Frieda used it too well treated a police officer who always had a sleeping talk every night. After one treatment. She stopped her sleeping talk and felt good.

Trauma Treatments

Take turns to treat one-time for front mu and one-time for back shu points as Frieda learned from her internship when she was an acupuncture school student.

That time, the patient was an excellent academic performance with high integrity. His essay was too good to get mistreated and an abuse from his high school teacher’s discrimination for Asian students. The student got detention with a cheating record. The patient had hallucinations.

The Frieda’s clinical director used this method to treat the high school student patient and got better results than using herbal treatments by another acupuncturist. Around one more month, the student went back to normal.

For the front mu treatment, the patient faces up laying on the bed. Uses the following points to treat: LU 1 (needle toward to LU 2), CV 17, CV 14, CV 12, ST 25, CV 5, CV4, CV 3, LR 13, LR 14, GB 24, GB 25. KD 7. Depends on the patient’s constitution and situation, e-stain can be used. However, there is no hurt to use e-stim for the points if the patient does not have a pacemaker. Use e-stem, the results are always better than not using the e-stim. Still, use 5~6 Hz low frequency tonifies organs.
Usually, for the back shu treatment, Frieda uses her emotional detoxification to treat. The patient faces downward.

Frieda uses her own way successfully treated a PTSD patient of sleep and cook or do house chores by two of 1-hour sessions.

The patient told Frieda that after the first treatment, she used her fists to hit her cabin wall forcefully and yelled out loudly until she has no voice came out and her fists was too painful to hit to release her madness inside accumulated from serving VIPs who gave her hard time no matter their coming sequence, they asked an immediate service that was spoiled by their own subordinates in their own businesses.

Afterward, she felt releases and very comfortable. Lucky it was a port day. There was no one noticed her abnormal behaviors. Otherwise, she could get a hard time from the cruise ship security guards.

Within 5 of 1-hour sessions, well treated a Vietnam War US soldier woke up from nightmares every night that his colleague’s blood and body parts flew to his body as well as his limp walking.

After 4 of 1-hour-session, a writer who woke up from abuses nightmares since she had memorized, but felt always smiling and happy. She got abused by her alcoholic father and exist husband.

There were many other cases be omitted from this article.

In Chinese medicine, our shen (神 or spirit or consciousness) enters our heart to rest while we sleep. If there is any fire that flares upward and disturb out the shen when sleeping, there is the sleeping problem. The most common fires are the liver fire and/or the gallbladder fire and/or the pericardium fire and/or the heart fire. Depends on the diagnosis, can treat PC 8 and/or LR2  Xingjian, and/or GB 43 Xiaxi and/0r PC 8 Laogong and/or HT 8 Shaofu. If more severe, can add LR 1 Dadun and/or GB 44 Zuqiaoyin  and/or PC 9 Zhongchong and/or HT 9 Shaochong .
There are the other fires in the lungs fire, stomach fire, spleen fire, etc. Their treatments will be covered in our training classes or posted articles.

Other Accompanied Symptoms

There are other emotional Stress Caused Problem Chart  below:




Their treatments will be taught in our training classes or be posted in our future articles.
Be cautious that some severe emotional disturbance such as the loved one’s death could cause a person’s death from the strong emotional hit. The best way to avoid the situation getting worse is accepting the early treatment by acupuncture.

Be cautioned that if the emotion is too strong can cause death, such as a person’s loved one’s death could cause this person’s death. Therefore, it’s better to get abnormal emotion be treated ASAP to avoid it getting worse.

In Chinese medicine, the polycythemia is caused by a high emotional stress and/or liver toxins accumulated by chemicals and/or drugs that caused the red cells stacked together and when the blood circulated to the kidney, kidney detected oxygen content is lower than normal and secrets EPO*. EPO circulated to the spine to request a more blood be produced. It can be treated by acupuncture to needle LR 3 Taichong or LR 13 Zhangmen. If the toxin accumulation is too severe, needle the two most tender points of the Dong’s San Huang points and use either SP 10 Xuehai or BL 17 Geshu to clean the blood. It is not a lifelong treatment.

However,  one patient that we know was treated by withdrawing the extra blood every month. Then, be treated by lifelong chemotherapy.

* Was cited from 


Stress and Anxiety

Theory Behind the Treatment

In the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), each organ has its own emotion(s). The emotion and organ’s health are mutually affecting each other. If the organ recovered its health, the emotion becomes normal.

Please refer to the following table:


After acupuncture treatment, all of the negative emotions gone, but leave confident, alert and happy.


Acupuncture treats emotional disorders are very effective. If depression and/or anxiety are treated by acupuncture instead of depression drugs, there will be no bipolar patients or suicidal persons or severe mental disorder patient who is held behind jail-like-bars or got electrical shocks under drug side effects.

It’s a huge difference for people accept acupuncture treatment to have a happy and healthy life instead of a whole life be wasted. So, pick up a right treatment is very important.

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