DM II Drugs Malfunction Reasons

DM II Drugs Malfunction Reasons

DM II Drugs Malfunction Reasons let you know why Chinese medicine can well treat the diabetes. But, the western medicine does not.

Western Medicine Failed Knowing Human Body’s Physiology

DM II Drugs Malfunction Reason is due to the western medical field does not know our body’s real physiology and does not how the sugar is metabolized in the body. How to expel the extra sugar out of the body. How to recover each organ’s all functions? Even cannot grasp each organ’s all functions like Chinese medicine does. How can they invent the right drug?

Yet, the Chinese medicine knew it in the ancient time. All of the practitioners follow the ancient rules without mistake for thousands or even millions of years. It’s not like the western medicine said that “Chinese medicine is lagging and do not do research.” It’s not right. It’s due to Chinese medicine is a real science. So, it can keep forever, without change for its theory, physiology and many treatments.

What Happened after taking the DM II Drugs?

Due to the western medicine does not know how to expel the extra sweets/glucose out of the body. So, the drugs let them sink to the bottom of the body. That’s why feel numbness and then accumulated too much without circulation to get gangrene and get amputation. It starts from the feet to knee to groin. Then, the patient die. How sad is it?

On the upper limb, it starts from hands to elbow to the upper arm.

Meanwhile, after spleen mailed function, the tongue lost taste. What kind life is it, if can not taste any foods?

The kidneys get damaged, bone and teeth damaged. So, the patients can lost all of his teeth. How can he eat? Install fake teeth? It’s not comfortable. Many patients do not wear it and do not like liquid foods. So, they swallow the foods and caused a series digestion problems.

Where is the enjoyment and fun of the life?

Moreover, the chemical drugs hurt the heart. So, heart drugs added in to speed up the heart failure or install stents or do other kind surgeries including the vales, bypass, etc.

Adds up all drugs, plus the drugs to fix symptoms from all drugs. The good news is to create more job opportunities and hug money making chances for kidney dialysis to have a stable and long term income until the patients die!

The reality is to create many medical tragedies, many unhappy patients, worried family members, many Innocent souls as well as accumulate the karma for the money making side without returning health to the patients.

Do Pharmaceutical Companies know it?

Yes. They do. So does they teach physicians and patients to withdraw blood from the fingers.

How Stupid the Patients Are?

Yes. Even a sad drama needs actors. The patients who take the drugs are programmed that their DM II cannot be cured. They prefer to act as the victims.

By doing so, to get sympathy from his family members, relatives and friends. Why Frieda says so? She does encounter this kind patient!

  1. They are lazy to find alternative medicines. Even they get recommendations, they try without trust and collaborate with the practitioners. How will the treatments work?
  2. They never tried to with draw blood from each figures and toes to compare the glucose test! If they do, they suppose to ask his doctor why there is the differences and which one is the standard? Meanwhile, keep a record daily for a month to trace and find out the big lie.
  3. They have never questioned why they need amputation? What causes the numbness, no circulation from end of limbs to going up? What caused them and how to avoid them?

What a Good Chinese Medicine Physician Can Do?

  1. Advise any diet change, life style change, or exercise to ride of the DM II from the root.
  2. Well treat the DM II and have the chance to out of the Chinese medicine treatments if the patient’s spleen and pancreas do not get certain level’s damage from the western medicine.
  3. Even have 3 times/week kidney dialysis, most chances, the patient can be out of the kidney dialysis.  But, the patient ought to stop the kidney dialysis and do three time/week acupuncture/moxibustion treatments with extended time. Otherwise, the effort is washed out after each toxic kidney dialysis.

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