Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment

Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment

Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment is pure a Chinese medicine crystal of the humanity wisdom. Under acupuncture and/or Chinese medicine treatment, there is no sensation lost, poor circulation leads amputation, and glucose lost control.

For diabetes II, western medicine feeds patient insulin tablet or rejects insulin, eventually, even control diet cannot control the glucose level. The patient’s pancreas lost the ability to secrete insulin totally. Yet, the Chinese medicine lets patients recover insulin secretion function fully before it’s severely damaged by the western drugs.

Instead, Chinese medicine activates the organ’s Qi* flowing to do detoxification and repair jobs for the organ. We let the organ recover its functions instead of the western medicine to help the organ function.

For poor circulation and lost sensation, acupuncture and the other Chinese medicine treatments boost qi and circulation to recover the sensation before it’s too late that the nerve ending plates malfunction.

If the nerve ending plates totally lost, there is the growth factor that has the chance to regenerate the nerve ending plates to recover the skin sensation.

In Chinese medicine, the extremely thirsty is caused by stomach heat the derived from intake cold foods/drinks. ** We have acupuncture or herbs can treat it.

For deviated insulin, the deviated functional organ is the spleen. Acupuncture and/or herbs can treat and let it recover its functions except its functions are severely damaged by the drugs. Even it’s fully lost its functions, under Chinese medicine or acupuncture long-term treatments, the patient’s life quality is still better than under the western treatments.

Top on the deviated spleen having deviated functions, the root cause can be the liver have qi stagnation due to mental stress or accumulated toxins of chemicals or other toxic stuff or the kidney yang deficiency that can not supply enough yang qi to activate the spleen’s functions. Chinese medicine also can treat those root problems.

Acupuncture points used:

Face up:
Stomach heat: ST 44 (add ST 45 if severe).
Spleen problem: SP3, SP 9, 8, 6. Add e-stem 5-6 HZ for SP3 and SP 9 if needed. If severe. SP 9, SP 8 use 3″ needles.

Liver problems: LR 13 (LR 14, GB25 if severe and there is tenderness for finger pressing),. If it bothered sleeping, add LR 2 (LR 1, plus GB 43, GB44 depends on severity. Or, add e-stim is very severe).

Kidney problems: KD 7 use 2″ needle 45 degrees toward the other side of the heel to strongly tonify the kidney yang and clear the toxins on the bottom of the feet. KD 3, Use 5-6 HZ e-stim for KD 3 & KD 7.

Circulation problem: SP 10 5-6 Hz e-stim.

Lost sensation on the foot: KD 7, KD 3, Bafeng (8 points between toes), 1″ needle horizontally toward to the legs. Bafeng uses high-frequency e-stim to sedate the toxins accumulation.

Add the other points for lungs or the heart depends on which organ functions have deviated too.

Heart problem: CV 14, CV 4 (add CV 22 as professor Ni, Hai Sha, L.Ac. usually added. However, if not needle CV 22, already can boost the heart function and let the patient feels happy ).

Lungs problem: LU 1 toward LU 2 inside the muscle. Be careful about the angle. If the patient has very titled breast, needle LU 9 instead for safety concern. Usually, patient expels extra water out of the lungs by sweets.

If the patient has phlegm in the lungs or throat or smoke or after 30 years old, add 3″ needle to ST 40 use 200-300 Hz e-stim. If the patient smoke or is a second-hand smoker, use 300 Hz to expel invisible phlegm or visible phlegm out of the body.

Face down:
Besides the leg points are the same, replace SP 10 to be UB 17. Then, balance all organs and detoxify all organs by needle UB 13, 15, 18, 20, 23. If there is insulin issue, add UB 19. Can use 5-6 HZ e-stim.

If the patient also has emotional issues, detoxify all organs abnormal emotions: UB 42, 44, 47, 49, if has fear, add UB 52. Then, move the e-stim to detoxify the emotion instead of detoxifying organs. It’s due to detoxifying the emotions also detoxified the organs.

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*Please refer to Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health.
** Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems and Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems

Frieda writes this article to memorize his father who got diabetes II was due to overdue himself for feeding the family. To memorize his grand-uncle who lost all of his full legs due to DM II. How sad is it?! It should not happen to anyone, anymore!

The best gratitude that Frieda can do is to share her treatment experiences with the world to avoid diabetes treatment tragedies for all to honor her father’s greatness to raise her up.

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