Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment

Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment

Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment is pure a Chinese medicine crystal of the humanity wisdom. Under acupuncture and/or Chinese medicine treatment, there is no sensation lost, poor circulation leads amputation, and glucose lost control.


Discussion about the DMII


For diabetes II, western medicine feeds patient insulin tablet or rejects insulin, eventually, even control diet cannot control the glucose level. The patient’s pancreas lost the ability to secrete insulin totally. Yet, the Chinese medicine lets patients recover insulin secretory function  before it’s severely damaged by the western drugs.

Instead, Chinese medicine activates the organ’s Qi* flowing to do detoxification and repair jobs for the organ. We let the organ recover its functions instead of the western medicine to help the organ function induced organ totally lost its function and the drugs side effects caused patients die in a painful life. After TCM treated the patient’s organ functions recovered, the patient does not need to do TCM treatments except keep the right diet, lifestyle, mindset and do exercises to avoid sick again.

For poor circulation and lost sensation, acupuncture and the other Chinese medicine treatments boost qi and circulation to recover the sensation before it’s too late that the nerve ending plates malfunction.

If the nerve ending plates totally lost, there is the growth factor that has the chance to regenerate the nerve ending plates to recover the skin sensation.

DM II Etiology

In Chinese medicine, the extremely thirsty is caused by stomach heat the derived from intake cold foods/drinks. We have acupuncture or herbs can treat it. Please click and read  Cold Foods Drinks Caused Problems Chart Rev 1 and Cold Foods and Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems.

For deviated insulin secretion, the deviated functional organ is the spleen. Acupuncture and/or herbs can treat it and let it recover its functions except its functions are severely damaged by the drugs. Even its fully lost its functions, under Chinese medicine or acupuncture long-term treatments, the patient’s life quality is still better than under the western medicine treatments.

Top of the deviated spleen having deviated functions, the root cause can be the liver have Qi stagnation due to mental stress or accumulated toxins of chemicals or other toxic stuff or the kidney yang deficiency that cannot supply enough yang Qi to activate the spleen’s functions. Chinese medicine also can treat those root problems.

How to Treat DM II?

Acupuncture points used by Frieda:


If the Patient is Face Up

Stomach heat: ST 44 (add ST 45 if severe).

Spleen problem: SP3, SP 9, 8, 6. Add e-stem 5-6 HZ for SP3 and SP 9 if needed. If spleen deficiency is severe. SP 9, SP 8 use 3″ needles.

Liver problems: Needle LR 13 (add LR 14, GB25 if severe and there is tenderness for finger pressing on the two points). If it bothered sleeping, add LR 2 (LR 1, plus GB 43, GB44 depends on severity. Or, add e-stim. If it is very severe, use 200-300 Hz to sedate).

If there are weird dreams, needle GB 43 and LR 2. If there are more weird dreams, add e-stem and use 5-6 Hz to stimulate. If severe, i.e. very weird, use 200-300 Hz to stimulate.

If there are nightmares, needle LR 1 and GB 44. If there are more nightmares, add e-stem and use 5-6 Hz to stimulate. If severe, i.e. very scary dreams, use 200-300 Hz to stimulate.

To reverse the western medicine drug’s side effects, should strongly detoxify the liver toxins: Needle Shangsanhuang (locates on the inner side of the Femur bone middle and upper ¼, lower ¼ three points.) the middle and most tender point of the upper ¼ or lower ¼ point. If all of the three points feel tenderness, can needle all of the three points. Use 3” needle and 200-300 Hz to stimulate. If needed, can add SP 10 with 200-300 Hz to stimulate to speed up the effectiveness.

Kidney problems: KD 7 use 1.5 to 2″ needle 45 degrees toward the other side of the heel to strongly tonify the kidney yang and clear the toxins on the bottom of the foot. Needle KD 3 to tonify kidney. Use 5-6 HZ e-stim for KD 3 & KD 7.

Circulation problem: Needle SP 10 with 5-6 Hz e-stim.

Lost sensation on the feet: Needle KD 7, KD 3, Bafeng (8 points between toes) to use 1″ needle horizontally toward to the legs. Uses high-frequency e-stim on Bafeng to sedate the toxins and sugar accumulation on the feet.

After the sugar and toxins flowed away, the sensation recovered. That’s easy. Why patient needs any amputation due to DM II?

How much cost and life quality differences with an acupuncture treatment to recover footing sensation vs amputation?

Western medicine does not know how to strengthen the spleen to lower the blood sugar due to the spleen pushes enzymes out to help digestions. Instead, the western medicine lets the blood sugar sink to the lower part of the body. Therefore, the sugar accumulated from the toes and up. So, the diabetic patient be amputated from the toe, until up to the groin. Then, the patient totally dependent on others to keep his life. How can life be explored!

The body’s other parts also lost sensation or lost functions.

If you have question, please ask in the comments section below. Thank you.

Add the other acupuncture points for lungs or the heart depends on which organ functions have deviated too, if the diabetic is prolonged.

Heart problem: Needle CV 14, CV 4 (add CV 22 as professor Ni, Hai Sha, L.Ac. usually added. However, if without needling CV 22, already can boost the heart function and let the patient feel happy as Frieda’s clinical experience).

Excessive dreams, any pain, sores, itching, and abnormal sweats all relates to the heart problems.

Lungs problem-Usually, it is caused by phlegm in the lungs: Needle LU 1 toward LU 2 inside the muscle. Be careful about the angle. If the patient has very titled breast, for safety concern, needle LU 9 instead. Usually, patient expels extra water out of the lungs by sweets.

If the patient has phlegm in the lungs or throat or smoke or after 30 years old, add 3″ needle to ST 40 use 200-300 Hz e-stim. If the patient smoke or is a second-hand smoker, use 300 Hz to expel invisible phlegm or visible phlegm out of the body. How to identify there is phlegm in the lungs? You will see the white spots or white color areas in the palm. The right color for the palm is pink. If expels the phlegm out, the palm can see more pink area.

Loss of taste: Restores the heart function. Because the heart is open to the tongue. We also must strengthen the spleen to get rid of diabetes. If the pancreas has not been damaged too much by Western medicine, recovery is highly possible.

The patient is Facing Down to Get Treated:
Besides the leg points are the same and replace SP 10 to be UB 17. Then, balance all organs and detoxify all organs by needle UB 13, 15, 18, 20, 23. If there is insulin issue, add the extra point of Weiguanxiashu which locates at the T8 level on 1.5” away from the spine on the UB meridian. Can use 5-6 HZ e-stim. Weiguanxiashu can help secrete insulin.

If the patient also has emotional issues, detoxify all organs’ abnormal emotions: Needle UB 42, 44, 47, 49, if has fear, add UB 52. Then, move the e-stim to detoxify the emotion instead of detoxifying organs. It’s due to detoxifying the emotions also detoxified the organs.

While facing down and want to strongly detoxify the patient, can needle Shangsanhuang with 300 Hz e-stim.

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*Please refer to Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health.
** Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems and Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems


Frieda writes this article to memorize his father who got diabetes II was due to overdue himself to feeding the family. Also to memorize his granduncle who lost all of his full legs due to DM II. How sad is it?! It should not happen to anyone, anymore!

The best gratitude that Frieda can do is to share her treatment experiences with the world to avoid diabetes treatment tragedies for all to honor her father’s greatness to raise her up.

How to Prevent Getting DM II?

Patients ought to take out the causes.

Life Style Causes DM II

Life style can cause DM II. Such as a late dinner or eat  late night that when the food diagnosed. The person already slept. Except the organ’s meridian during that time is working. The others are resting. Spleen is in charge foods delivery to different organs. Spleen stores the sweet nutrient. It does not work during the night. So, extra glucose floats in the blood until 9:00-11:00 A.M., it starts to work harder. But, now, breakfast is coming. The extra glucose in the blood keep accumulate in the blood.

12-meridian circulation time

12-meridian circulation time

The time passing for each meridian is the max qi flowing to the meridian to allow that meridian and its pathway cells and organs to do detoxification, nourishment and repair even though it is a constant job at any moment. But, at the specific time has more powerful work done for specific organs and cells that passed through by the meridian.

Therefore, if kept dinner or any eating before 5-6 hours before sleep, it can reduce the DM II chances and also help to lost weight.

Intake Too Much Sweet especially the Artificial Sweets

Intake too much sweet constantly, it is over the spleen load. So, it developed DM II.

If intake artificial sweets, it cannot be absorbed by the spleen. Moreover, it’s chemical also added burden to the liver, kidney and harm the heart.

When craving for sweet, in Chinese medicine, it is spleen function deviated. Get Chinese medicine physician’s early treatment to prevent getting DM II. Meanwhile, keep away from artificial sweeteners. Meanwhile,  it can avoid teeth cavities.

Go to Bed Late or Keep Stress or Intake Chemicals

Look at the above 12-meridian circulation time and the five element chart blow:

5- element

5- element: Two organs on the diagonal line are mutual hurt.

If go to bed too late, keep stress and do not learn how to relieve the stress or intake chemicals can let the liver and gallbladder hold toxins that can lower the spleen functions. So, go to bed before 10:00 P.M., do something fun to soothe stress or just do deep breathing can help and eat organic original foods without processed. In order to not let the liver and gallbladder invade the spleen.

Weak Kidney Can Hurt Spleen Function

Work too hard and overdue each self, too much sexual course can lower kidney yang. Consequently, it hurts the spleen yang. That could cause poor metabolism and  induced the DM II.

Keep reasonable rest and keep the fun between couples without too much sexual course. In Chinese medicine, if control the sexual course to have better and healthier sperms can help to get a healthier kid in the future.

Of cause, there are other reasons can make organs out of balance and induced DM II. Avoid them. When just feel any discomfort, get an early treatment from Chinese medicine physicians or acupuncturists so called in the US to get ride of the early sign of illness is the smart action to take.

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