Decades Stomach Problems

Decades Stomach Problems

Decades Stomach Problems  Many internal medicine problems are not the real organs’ problems. It’s along the meridian(s) has blockage that lowered down the organ’s function and mimic the organ’s diseases. Prolonged, the organ cannot get enough qi to do detoxification, nourishment and/or repair. Eventually, the organ will become sick. However, if only treat the organ, the patient will never recover from the treatments. This is the most common case that a diseases can keep for decades.

  1. Case one:A female patient was 67 years old, had decades stomach problems without any relief after treatments. It got relieved after treated stomach by acupuncture and moxibution to boost up it contracting function. Then, loosen up lower legs muscles, her stomach problems gone. In addition, the weaken stomach energy made her cheeks loosen and dropped down. After fixed stomach problems, her cheek muscles tightens up by itself.
  2. Case two:An over 70 years old male patient came in with knee pain and wield stomach phenomena that without ate hug amount foods, stomach was always been pushed upward.The treatment involved treating knee by put happy pins on he ding, nei wai xi yan, 3″ happy pin  inserted from GB 34 toward SP 9. Plus loosen lower leg muscles. Afterward, all symptoms gone.

Both cases have a common point that lower leg muscle tightness blocked stomach energy going down. It caused the first case cheeks dropping and stomachache especially after eating. The second needed always kept a lot foods inside stomach in order to use foods heaviness to keep stomach at lower normal position.

In both cases and for decades, they used drugs and/or herbs to treat their stomach problem but had never worked.

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