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Contact Us  If you have a group class of more than 10 person, please contact Frieda at for

  1. The whole body self-healing system: It’s a minimum three full days’ class for a diseases training such as pain, stress relieve, insomnia, etc. in either magnetic therapy or comprehensive universal energy healing. A lot of practice to get familiar with the training.
    There are four levels: Self-use, for income purpose, as a trainer, as a regional director. We offer different levels and we request from the first level to go up.
  2. Medical professionals: Acupuncturists or MDs, or massage therapists or whatever, we offer group class of 5 persons or above. From common seen clinical diseases to hard to treat diseases such as cancer, kidney dialysis, etc. It’s customer made classes. Let’s discuss. It’s mainly use acupuncture and moxibustion treatments.
  3. Other classes: magnetic therapy plus treatment devices such as AC magnetic therapy device or extra long wave therapy devices, NLP, hypnosis, dream builder, etc.

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