Common Case of a Heart Disease Patient Drinking on an Airplane 

Common Case of a Heart Disease Patient Drinking on an Airplane

Common Case of a Heart Disease Patient Drinking on an Airplane This was a real case in Feb. 2012.

Advise the heart disease patient not drinking alcohol on the flight, in order not to make fun of their lives. The crews take the Western medicine first aid as the basic medical emergency knowledge. The following case allows you to compare the Chinese and Western medicine emergency case handling.

A heart disease patient drank alcohol on a flight at a high altitude and caused a heart attack. He was shortness of breath. Even with an oxygen mask, he still had worse and worse difficulty breathing, his body temperature drops with severe cold sweat dripping and a pale face.

This is a medical emergency experienced by Frieda on a flight over the Pacific Ocean in February 2012. Although there was a passenger who is an emergency responder, in the absence of the western medical facilities and medicine, there was still no way to do anything. Even Frieda was also first time encountered the case, she only could give a try to help. As the crews told her that this is the most common situation on a China’s flight, so Frieda writes it down for emergency needs.

The first: Use the index finger or thumb to massage the ZhuShanLi acupuncture point ST 36, with the direction downward – toward the inside of the calf, then turning downward. Facing the patient’s left ZhuShanLi ST 36 is the counterclockwise direction. If facing his right ZhuShanLi ST 36 is the clockwise direction. When the alcohol in the stomach of the patient flows downward, the patient’s breathing will be smooth down, the oxygen mask will be removed by the patient soon.

ST 36

The second: Massage the Heart Back Shu Point-XinShu BL 15
The XinShu BL 15 is below the fifth vertebral process disc, at the midpoint of the inner edge of the scapula and the spine 5th disc. Or the intersection of the lower edge of the humerus and the intersection of the spine, and then goes to the upper two vertebrae, is the fifth vertebra disc.

Back Shu Points

The third: Massage at the ZhangMen LR 13 to soothe the qi flowing until the patient feels comfortable. It’s due to after the wine entered the stomach, the wine pushes the qi entered the liver and disturbed the qi flowing direction.

The ZhangMen LR 13 locates at both sides. Normally, it’s at the end of the 11th floating rib. However, due to the whole world air and foods are polluted, therefore, people grow more floating ribs. According to Frieda’s experience, the total floating count is from 3 to 21! Therefore, needle more floating rib tips as needed.

ZhangMen LR 13

The total treatment time for the patient was no more than ten minutes. How simple and fast is it?

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