Can Acupuncture Always Well Help Western Medicine Treating Patient?

Can Acupuncture Always Well Help Western Medicine Treating Patient?

Can Acupuncture Always Well Help Western Medicine Treating Patient? The integrated treatment of the western medicine and Chinese medicine is always a dream of the health care practitioners, policy makers, and patients’ beautiful dream. However, as drug’s technologically advanced and the researchers input more efforts, the dream is starting broken.

Indeed, it’s acupuncturist’ nightmares. It does not only hurt acupuncturists’ feeling, make the excellent ones overdue themselves to treat patients. But also makes patients lost confidence or even not respect the acupuncturists due to their situation cannot get improved.

The failure of traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture treatment reasons:

As the chronic, severely sick patients getting more, the pure acupuncture treatment without the other therapy help such as Moxa, herbs, etc. will gradually lose its power.

Acupuncture treatment only does constructive treatment for a person’s health due to it helps the patient’s balance body, promote yang Qi flow, increases immunity. It helps body recovery.

 Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health
How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Balance the Body? 

Western medicine’s drug suppresses a patient’s yang qi but controls the symptoms. It is a destruction of a patient’s health. Otherwise, the drugs will not prescribe more and more drugs or increase the dosage as time passed by.

More advanced and powerful drugs suppress more yang Qi than the old ones. How can you know? Check the drug’s side effect at or You can find more severe side effects than before. That no matter the MDs, pharmacists and the patient do not know and once know it, may be out of their choice.

For example, please check the mental disorder drugs of Duloxetine and Clonazepam as well as “heart failure aggravation” and “neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS)” for Bisoprolol (ZEBETA) to treat high blood pressure. Or even worse, to cause the side effect of “death” for Metoprolol Tartrate to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension.

It means that the acupuncture treatment time should be increased, needles used could need increased and the length of the needles also needs to be longer in the four limbs. However, the insurance reimbursement does not get

Moreover, the western medicine’s drug and all intake chemicals hurt the heart, liver, and kidney. The deviated organ functions induced patient’s abnormal emotions that further hurts the patient’s health. Please, read Why Have Patients Abnormal Emotions?

Both organs deviated functions and deviated emotions further caused a health destructive force and body blockage.

Indeed, under a long-term drug treatment, there are toxins accumulated inside the body. Acupuncture’s partial power should be consumed to do detoxification of the drug and intake food additive chemical toxins. The chemical toxin is a burden for the acupuncture’s construction force.

Assess the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture treatment

These constructive and destructive treatment forces decide the patient will get better or worse. When the patient sick is severe, under the same acupuncture treatment, the net constructive force goes down.

Let’s see the formula:
X = The construction force – the effort used to clean the accumulated toxins inside the body (drugs, food additives, etc) – the energy used to correct body abnormalities such as coldness inside the body, blood stasis, phlegm, qi stagnation, etc.) – the destructive force from drugs – nature disease getting worse force

If X =0, then, there is no improvement, but the patient’s situation also not getting worse.
If X> 0, then, the patient can feel better. The larger of the X value, the recovery is quicker.
Id X 0, then, the patient’s situation is getting worse. However, it slows down the getting worse speed.

Therefore, in the front of the disease, it is a pure battle between the constructive and the different destructive forces.

How to increase the construction force?

  1. Increase each secession’s time.
  2. Increase needles or herbal dosages. Usually, for severely sick patients, their prescribed drugs are too many to allow intake any herb without drug/herb interaction.
  3. Shorten the time between two sessions.
  4. Use multiple ways in the same session: acupuncture, moxa, external herb or prescribe an intake herbal formula, hypnosis, cupping, etc.
  5. Plus, patient’s effort: exercises, adjusts having a positive mindset, change diet, change lifestyle. accept mental/concept transform training, moral cultivation.
  6. Add the other treatments such as hypnosis, NLP, psychology treatments, etc.

Therefore, the acupuncture treatment effectiveness relies on both patient and acupuncturist efforts. It also depends on the western medicine treatment’s drugs’ side effects.

It explained why acupuncture treatment has no use for some patients, especially the acupuncturist does not use additional therapy tools, or the patient does not collaborate to do his side jobs. Moreover, the insurance board does not have any acupuncturist’s seat. The insurance reimbursement is too low that an acupuncturist needs to treat a couple of patients in an hour in

Moreover, the insurance board does not have any acupuncturist’s seat. The insurance reimbursement is too low that an acupuncturist needs to treat a couple of patients in an hour in order to keep the clinic running and feed his family. There is no way to expand the treating time. Plus, there are only limited visits allowed by an insurance company. Most MDs also told their patients “Do not visit acupuncturist!”

Otherwise, if the MD prescribes the acupuncture treatments, even no insurance coverage, can visit acupuncture clinic and get paid. The pay is even better than a patient walked in to get an acupuncture clinic to get treatment. The insurance company reimbursement is so biased.

For example, Frieda had a weight loss patient who made all kind excuses to drink coke and did not follow Frieda’s instruction to do exercise. One day, Frieda told her “Ask your body to see if you can drink coke or not, instead of asking me anymore!” Then, the patient stopped to visit Frieda. One month later, Frieda met the patient on the street. Frieda asked her: “Why your cure comes out?” The patient replied: “I stopped drinking coke and do exercise.” Frieda replied; “See.”

Usually, the sickest patients have less self-control, self-discipline, but love to follow advertisements to enjoy life without pursuing the right knowledge. Even they ignore the health providers’ bits of advice. Frieda worked at sea, in a rich area and discovered those patients followed her instructions and asked where their sickness is coming from and how to prevent. But, on-land the other area patients usually they have more severe diseases and under a long time of drug treatments, do not have the interest to ask questions or have the patience to listen. They also do not follow instructions. So, hypnosis or NLP can help them better.

Only the patient can control his health and reach his optimal health. The health care provider only can help but cannot 100% guarantee to give a patient’s health. A health provider can not change a patient’s environment and its disturbance, relationship disturbance, past experiences, bad emotional hurts, etc. only the patient can decide to let them go or make a change.

The health provider only can ask the patient to eat healthy food. Only the patient has the choice to put food into his mouth or not or what kind food can put in his mouth.
Without hypnosis help and the patient’s permission, a health care provider cannot use hypnosis or NLP to change a patient’s diet, lifestyle, do exercise, thinking, and mindset.
Therefore, the health is on the patient’s hand.

In case of the treating time is not enough

In case of the treating time is not enough, the toxins have not enough time to flow away, there might be some discomfort sensation of heaviness, soreness, even mild pain at no needle area, etc. It’s on the midway of turning better. Go back to get more treatment is needed.

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The following actions are highly recommended:

  1. Promote acupuncturist’s understanding of disease treatments in different fields.
  2. Western medicine practitioners know the power of the Chinese medicine.
  3. Enhance the education curriculum of the acupuncture schools.
  4. Educate the general public of the correct health knowledge and how to pick-up the right treatment, more importantly, to have the attitude to take responsibility for their own health.
  5. Legislative policy changes to fix the medical fields mess, such as the Nobel Medicine Prize covers Chinese medicine and alternative medicine, Government agencies and the medical insurance company boards have enough seats for acupuncturists.
  6. Grant founders include Chinese medicine and alternative medicine funding grants to avoid waste.
  7. Research papers should include follow-up to the patients long term reactions to avoid medical tragedies.

The whole world must face the reform in order to reduce the medical tragedies, sky-high medical cost, and environmental pollution that eat up our descender’s future.

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