Join International Academic Researchers Network for Patients Benefits

Join International Academic Researchers’ Network for Patients’ Benefits: For patient’s benefits, this is an invitation for acupuncturists to join an academic researchers’ network to share clinical experiences, research ideas, comments or answer the other researcher’s questions, under research papers, etc.


Comparing to Chinese medicine, Western medicine has relatively very short history to develop. Plus, the Chinese medicine was developed in a very beneficial developing environment that the ancient time, people’s mind was a lot simpler, less material attractions and less so much and quick interruptions from outside. Ancient Chinese physicians mainly focused on how could well treat patients with a calm mind to think and a master to follow clinical treatments for a long time until the master felt comfortable to release his student.


The master guided his students in ethic, attitude toward to patients, study knowledge, thinking, diagnoses skills and treatment skills. That has a higher standard than nowadays medical schools’ training, etc.


Therefore, many of western medicine cannot treat diseases, Chinese medicine physicians could easily well treat the patient. Moreover, western medicine has no concept of yang Qi. Therefore, many of the western medical treatments are against with the patients’ health needs. The results are many patients suffering to lost life quality, wealth, job and even lost life or the happiness and expectations for life.


Weeks ago, I did a two full days (each day more than ten hours) research on line for a friend. It’s due to her diseases has a very strong infection. Her disease causes are complicated with many symptoms. All of her symptoms have lingered for six years.


For tough cases, I do multiple angle research including drug side effects. Without my notice, I entered an international academic researchers’ website. There are more than 10 million researchers including 52 Nobel Prize Winners. In order to let the Chinese medicine can step on the international western medicine research stage and have the opportunity to exchange ideas, I joined their membership.


It’s a researchers’ platform. Employers also browse for employees or post jobs there.


There is no Chinese medicine category. It’s a pure western medical world. When I saw researchers have questions about their research. I guided them toward to TCM.


However, I noticed that if acupuncturists can be a group to post TCM stuff there can have better influences to the pure western medical researchers. In 2008, based on scientists’ recommendation, Japan sets law to have all of their medical schools including Chinese medicine including western medicine.


Therefore, I sincerely hope that if you like to do research and like to step on the stage, please apply to join. So, we can make some powerful voice out about the beauty of the Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, help to cut down medical cost in research and health care.


If you are interested, please go to to apply for their membership. It’s free. If you do not work for an institute or a research organization like me, please use a personal email address to apply. If get rejected, please contact them for special approval. You need to have publications and/or research papers in order to get approval. After you join, please contact me. So, when needed, we can mutually support.

Hope that we can work together for patient’s benefits and cut down medical cost!To write a brand new page for the medical research history. Thanks for reading and taking actions to benefit patients.

© Universal Acupuncture and TCM Corp, Master Mah, the Chinese Medicine Woman

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2016 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


Have a Prosperous 2016!


Universal Acupuncture and TCM Corp

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Why Feel Remote Area Pain or Discomfort?

Why Feel Remote Area Pain or Discomfort?

Why Feel Remote Area Pain or Discomfort?   It was a question that I got a couple days before. I explained as below.

The CHUEH healing is the same as the acupuncture treatments that soothes qi and blood smooth flow to achieve people’s health. Meanwhile, increase the amount of qi and blood flow. By doing so, it can do detoxification, unblock the blockage. Meanwhile, it brings in the body needs stuffs such as nutrients, immune stuffs, hormone, etc. to the needed site that along the qi and blood flowing route in order to do the body repair job.

If one has sickness, according to the sickness, there will have different places in the body got blocked. There is a famous Chinese saying: (When qi and blood flowing to the blockage site), blockage causes pain. More severe blockage has more pain. Less severe blockage, has less pain. Therefore, pain is a warning sign for our body’s health.

Our body’s meridians are connected together. They are our qi and blood flowing channels. When doing CHUEH adjustment or acupuncture treatment, the increased amount qi and blood flowing to the blockage area causes pain due to a larger qi and the blood flowing amount going through a narrow channel. The place of the pain and the pain severity tell us where is the blockage and how severe it is as a warning sign to us.

If the heart has a blockage or heart has a problem, the pain sensation will be abnormal. Some people will be hyper and some will be hypo. After treatment, the heart recovers to be normal, the pain sensation will also gradually go back to normal.

Above mentioned are normal reactions from your body. Please refer to How to Solve a Remote Site Pain or Discomfort?

© Universal Acupuncture and TCM Corp.

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Explanation for Thirst

Explanation for Thirst

Explanation for Thirst

  • After sports or hot days sweating or eat dry food , feel thirst is normal. Otherwise, thirst is wrong. It can be caused by stomach heat or psychological reason.Psychologically, some people think that drink a lot water every day can help detox. If the patient already has a water retention in his body, this is a very wrong concept. Due to add more water metabolism load to low functional organ(s) can cause more water retention and other problems such as swollen.Because water outside our body can clean a lot things. However, when it enters our body, it exists in electrolyte form. Once there is water retention, with the body heat, it becomes sticky to hold more toxins inside the body.

    If one is healthy, his body can do detoxification by itself without any other help. Meanwhile, fluid inside our body is recycled to be reused.

  • If one never feels thirsty, it can be caused by the heat, has reduced heat, the patient has no sweat or less sweats than a normal person.In most cases, there is a water retention in the patient’s body. Therefore, if pressed on patient’s Yinlingquan SP 9 will have tenderness or pain. More severe water retention, the pain or tenderness is worse. Water retention can happen in a thin person too.
    SP 9 at medial side of the leg nearby the knee

    SP 9 at medial side of the leg nearby the knee

    Water retention prolonged can become phlegm. That causes a lot wield diseases such as Seizure, Austin, tumor, cancers and many no clues western diseases that the lab test machine cannot detect out anything. Prolonged phlegm can cause blood stagnation and make sickness becoming worse.

    Chinese medicine has herbs to expel phlegm, blood stasis and recover the organ’s functions to not generate phlegm and blood stasis again.

  • No matter how much does a person drink, he still feels thirst, it can be excess stomach heat or he is a diabetic patient. Both of them need to be treated. Another situation is in the hot weather and/or just after exercises that patient sweats out a lot, but patient drank cold or ice water too quick that his stomach does not have enough time to evaporate the water in order to moisturize his mouth.Therefore, if one feels thirsty, it’s better to drink nearby body temperature’s water and then drink by small amount of water each time. That is the best way to solve thirst. In case of drink huge amount icy water is not good for anyone’s heart and health. Please read Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems.Ask the patient what temperature water that he likes to drink instead of what he drinks that could be educated to drink room temperature. Otherwise, an acupuncturist could not find the real problem for the patient.
  • If the patient likes to drink cold water, it means that there is excess heat inside his stomach and patient is also easily feels hungry. It needs to be treated.
  • If patient likes to drink hot or warm water, it means that the patient has coldness inside his stomach. If severe, it can reduce patient’s appetite. This situation, need to be treated.
  • If a patient likes to drink room temperature that is close to the body temperature is normal.

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Explanation for Four Limbs

Explanation for Four Limbs

Note: The “you” in the explanation art is talking to the healthcare provider.

  • Normally if the body always feel heat rather than cold , perhaps it’s the excessive heat and needs treatments. It also can be a healthy people especially for young kids whose defense energy (Wei Qi) is strong and does not feel the heat is discomfort, it does not need any treatment. But asked the child in cold day, after sweating , it’s vulnerable to cold . Therefore, dry sweat first, to make the pores closed that is less likely to catch cold
  • Body often feels cold , it must be treated. It’s yang deficiency in general.
  • Cold feet , to be treated with different herbs if it needs to be covered depends on season. However, if treated by acupuncture, needle the same point – Fuliu KD 7 to raise kidney yang.
  • If one’s feet are warm, there is no worry for heart disease and cancer . Thus, when treating patients, we must pay attention to patient’s cold feet.Usually, if soles has blockage which can be caused by wearing saddle that coldness enters to toe tips and blocked yin and yang energy transmission in legs. In this case, you can feel cold air radiated from toe tips toward to your hands that has some distance with your patient’s feet. You do not need to touch patient’s any part of feet to feel the coldness. Otherwise, for sanitizing reason, you ought to wash your hands after touch patient’s feet.

    You should explain the reason for not suitable to wear saddle to the patient especially when he/she is elderly. It also can be caused by long standing or caused by in-taking diabetes medicine that let all of the glucose sink to the feet. That’s why numbness starts from toes then feet than getting higher and higher if not get treated earlier. It’s also easily cause erosion later on.

    If  it’s caused by long standing, please click and read Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall. If feet is blocked, it can be treated by moxibution KD 1 or  use 2 ” to needle into the Fuliu KD 7 toward the opposite side of the heel in the same leg. The patient will feel heaviness first then feel lighter later. If use electronic stimulation, it will be faster, usually one treatment done.

  • If patient’s hand put over his/her forehead, if palm is warmer, it’s healthy. If not, Patient’s chest has phlegm. You also can use one hand to hold patient’s hand and another hand put on patient’s forehead to feel the temperature difference.Meanwhile, by doing so, you also can check heart’s pumping force to reach the tip of fingers or not. Meanwhile, feel patient’s hand is too dry or sweating, too red or too pale. They all means different health issues. We will talk it later with hand diagnosis.
  • If upper body is hotter and lower body is colder, there is blockage in between. It could be phlegm in (lower) lungs or blockage in middle jiao. It is a case of hot/cold complex case and need to treat to ride it off.
  • If any local area is hot or red, it could be as severe as cancer or tumors , or could  be caused by tight local muscle or  tendon .There was a friend whose neck was red, hot and itchy. Due to there was no hard mass by touching. I told her that it was caused by her local muscle/tendon tightness. It blocked yang qi that can not penetrate neck. Instead, it reflexes outside becomes hot and red.  This friend is very afraid of needles. Later, she  told me that after massage, her symptoms gone.

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Explanation for Bowel Movement

Explanation for Bowel Movement

Note: The “you” in the explanation art is talking to the healthcare provider.

  • There are either internal coldness or heat can cause constipation. Heat evaporates water from the bowel too quickly and causes constipation. However, coldness slows down or eliminates the intestines peristalsis movement. At the same time you should know that if it’s the duodenum, small intestine (if only small intestinal gets blockage alone, one will fart more but without smell, otherwise, if the large intestine is also blocked, fart can be smelled) or colon having blockage. Can use pressure on the related location to do diagnose. Constipated area will not feel comfortable for applying pressure on it  or can feel the hard stool inside.
  • Normal stool color is yellowish or brownish. If eat more vegetables, the color will be green. If patient has bloody or black stool, lease pay attention to it.
  • If the patient is taking Chinese herbs or having acupuncture treatments that can cause black stools that are the old stools staying in the intestines for long time, but be pushed outside by herb or TCM treatments. It is normal. Please do not worry.
  • If blood is before stool coming out or coming out after blood, it means the  different location of hemorrhoid,  i.e.internal or external hemorrhoid. Usually, if there is black bloody stool, you will have to pay attention for it and it’s more serious.
  • Too soft or loose: There is water retention in the middle jiao or there is excessive water inside intestines.
  • Diarrhea: If there is no odorless, it is caused by coldness inside. Once meet outside cold or intake cold can have diarrhea. Otherwise, it is caused by heat. Or, it can be caused by food poisoning.

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Welcome to Happy Pin Mater Healer Site.

This website is to share the treatment experiences for Friedas acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Treatments. In order for you to learn that your life can be turned around, life quality can be improved and you are entitled to have a happy, pain free,  energetic, full of love and gratitude life, alert, aging slow, younger looking, pretty shape and enjoy longevity is deserved by your life.

Hope that you can learn how enjoyable to get TCM treatments especially the acupuncture – happy pin treatment.

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