Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy no matter how many years, can be treated if your trigerminal nerve did not grow together.

However, To get treated as early as possible. When just happen, usually one treatment can fix or even only one needle is needed. Delayed treatment needs more treatments and more needles. If after three months, there are 40% chances that the trigeminal nerve can grow and link together to cause abnormal facial expression such as move the mouth caused eye movement.

We had experience to treat Bell’s Palsy who had 14 years and 11 months Bell’s Palsy history with one eye was 1/2 size of another one and mouth could not closed, one side cheek was loosing. Less than 10 hours, only the mouth was a little bit tilted that regular persons are also popular can be seen tilted mouth. The patient’s mouth could be closed and there was no problem for her to eat without dripping. Her face was hardly to trace with the Belly’s Palsy.

Another case prolonged case, please read: Bell’s Palsy.

In case of you were told that over three years is hardly to be treated, please

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