Bao Chi Fa

Bao Chi Fa

Bao Chi Fa 報刺法 is a needle technique and was taught by Professor Ni, Hai-Sha (1953-2012). It can treat the pain syndrome that most of the acupuncturists failed to treat and get immediate result.

The characters of the pain site

There are two kinds outlook of the pain site: Frieda called them as the “pain center”.

  1. Either protruded outside like a hill. Such as an incest bit or an inflammation. The highest point or the hardest point of a non-infection swollen area,
  2. Or a dent. If hit a harden stuffs such as boxing or be hit by a ball or falling down and get a spot that bears the impact force. This spot will form a dent. Like when sitting on a sofa, under the hip, form a dent.

    Prolonged, the dent will form a hole and keeps enlarging. The external pathogens of wind, cold, damp will be easily entered from the dent spot.

Application Scope

It is for the soft tissue pain with a hill or a dent in the center.

The other kind pain center is often located in the pain area, when pressing, the most painful cave area. Or touch the intersection of the string tight type muscles or tendons. It is the force bearing point. Dancers or ball games players or jumpers, or boxers can often see such cases of knee or leg or hip or upper back or arm pain.

The pain center is the Western medicine such as a chiropractor, a massage therapist called trigger point.

Needling Method

After the needle piercing the skin, vertically insert it into the pain center (do not hurt the internal organs). Then, pull the needle up. But, under the skin and tilt it at an angle to insert into the muscle or tendon. In the eight directions, start with any direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The eight directions are north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest. Each direction does not need to be “very accurate.” The key is to poke holes to allow the toxins flowing out of the membrane. If poke evenly can let the toxins flow away faster. Finally, the needle can be inserted vertically and retain it in the pain center to consolidate the curative effect.

If it is difficult to pull the needle, when the needle is last inserted vertically, can apply the e-stim. It can be stimulated with a high frequency or at a low frequency to appropriating with the tightness of the pain area. It can also be stimulated manually by vertical lifting and inserting the needle, and when the needle is pulled out, the needle hole can be enlarged to let the qi coming out as a sedating therapy. Meanwhile, can insert needle(s) on the nearby acupuncture point(s) to accelerate the qi flowing.

Patient’s Feeling During Needling

  1. The patient could feel a distance soft tissue – muscle or tendon pain, or stress relaxation or a smooth or warm feeling of qi flowing along the needled area.
  2. If the patient feels sour, it was caused by the lactic acid. After needling, the lactic acid falling from the soft tissue fibers. So, the patient feels sour. The lactic acid will be taken away by the flowing qi.
  3. If the patient feels heavy that is the body waste was falling from the soft tissue fibers and it will be taken away by the flowing qi.
  4. If the patient feels pain, will be explained below.
  5. After the needles be pulled out, the patient will feel the body part that had the pain lighter.

What Could Happen During Needling?

  1. If it is difficult to insert the needle, It is caused by the hardness or tightness of the soft tissues.

    Sometimes, if force to let the needle go in, it can bend the needle. So, you can use a thicker needle. Meanwhile, tell the patient that if there is a sharp pain like cutting a blood vessel, he must let you know as soon as possible to allow you to change the needle angle to avoid bleeding from needling the blood vessel.

    If it likes a piecing discomfort sensation through a hard object, he must be patient to hold it in order to allow the needle goes into the soft tissues to soften them. But, do not needle too deep to hurt the internal organs especially on the upper back.

  2. When pulling the needle, if the soft tissue is not fully loosened, the needle will be tightly held by the soft tissue. The stronger the grip force is, the more severe of the blockage and it needs a longer time to loosen the soft tissue.

    Our body is very clever, it knows how to request a needle and it can talk about our recovery level. When the needle is inserted, the needle will be grasped until the healing is complete.

    When healing is completed, the needle will be slowly pushed out of the body.

    ”Requesting a needle” is a remote place where has no needle and there is a sense of discomfort or pain. If it is mild, it will disappear automatically. Otherwise, tap the uncomfortable area to make the jamming waste shake off from soft tissue fibers and be carried away by the qi quickly.

    If like Frieda, who has therapeutic energy in her hands, she can put her hands on the discomfort area and makes the discomfort sensation goes away. If the blockage is serious, then add a needle to the “ah-shi*” point.

    *Ah-shi” means “Ah, yes”, it is the pain point.

  3. Sometimes, the needle tip encounters a particularly hard point. When you touch the point, which is another pain center and it is waiting for a needle to resolve it.
  4. If each needle is difficult to insert or pull up, it’s better to needle a nearby acupuncture point in order to speed up the treatment effect.
  5. If it is a muscle-induced pain, insert 3″ long needles on the both sides SP 9 (YinLingQuan), SP 8 (DiJi), and 1-1.5″ long needles to both sides Sanyinjiao, 0.5″ long needles to both sides SP 3 TaiBai add 1″ long needles to both sides of LR 13 (ZhangMen), SP 10 (XueHai) if needed to treat the root problems.

    If it is a pain caused by tendons, insert two 3″ long needles to both sides of GB 34 (YangLingQuan), and 0.5″ long needles to LR 3 (Tai Chong) or 1″ long needles to both sides of LR 13 (ZhangMen), SP 10 (XueHai), to treat the root problem.

The Pain Etiology of Only the Bao Chi Fa Can Effective to Treat

Due to a speedy metabolism, such as exercising or a sudden happens blockage such as falling down, excessive body waste be blocked and cannot flow away. The body will produce a thin film to wrap it. Therefore, if the acupuncturists only needle the regular acupuncture points, cannot soothe the blockage.

Only the Bao Chi Fa can be used to poke a few holes in the film to allow draining away the body waste (toxins).


  1. If there are too many pain centers in the painful area, or if the needle pulling pain is severe, or it is in the upper back that is too dangerous to needle deep, Magnet Therapy can be used to relieve the patient’s pain effectively. It takes longer time for the patient to get recovery. But, the acupuncturist can save a lot of time to do needling and do not need to bear the patient’s crying that could let some acupuncturist get a heart attack or shorten his life! By the way, sell magnets. Magnet supplier is mentioned in the article. In fact, magnetic therapy is more economical. Because putting magnets are much faster than inserting needles.
  2. If apply Magnet Therapy in the upper back can not apply to the pace maker or cardiovascular stent patients and for any patient nearby the heart area.

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