Acupuncture Improves Hearing

Acupuncture Improves Hearing

Acupuncture Improve Hearing   If the elderly’s ear structure has no damage, the hearing problem has lost the hearing ability or tinnitus with ringing sounds in the ears. The sounds can be high pitch or low pitch.

Treat Hearing Loss by Acupuncture 

Usually, it caused by kidney yang deficiency or yang qi can not reach the ears.

Treat symptoms: Needle Linggu and Daibai xue,use 1.5″ needle.

Treat kidney yang qi deficiency: needle UB 23, KD 7 or moxa them with warm needle. Can add KD 1 to get better results.

Treat kidney yang qi can not reach the ears: It’s an additional health issue on the top of the kidney yang Qi deficiency. Add needles on UB 16 and T4 to boost the spine yang Qi flowing. If the neck is too tight, loosen the tendon and muscles of the neck.
If the patient wakes up during the night for urination, add CV 3 or UB 25 to treat the urination problem. Depends on the time to wake up, add needed points to treat insomnia.

Treat Tinnitus

High pitch: Take away fires such as live fire, gallbladder fire. Needle LR 2, GB 43 with sedation. Plus LR 1 and GB 44 is severe. Plus Linggu and Dubai. When high pitch gone, the patient also sleeps better.

Low pitch: It’s kidney deficiency. Needle UB 23, KD 3. It takes longer time to get recovered. Depends on the patient’s needs, can add KD 7 and KD 2 or prescribe herbs to tonify the kidney.

It’s simple and easy. Right? You do not need to suffer the hearing problem. Get treated ASAP to enjoy your life, your health and your Golden age in your life that you are full of life experiences and wisdom.


Here does not cover the patient with the other health issues. Otherwise, there are cautions to use moxa.

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