About Frieda


Frieda started to use raw herbs to treat patients since 1993. Due to the excellent results leaded her to devote her life to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to improve patients’ quality of life. During 2003~2005, she entered SCUHS (Southern California University of Health Sciences). After graduation, she passed California Acupuncture Board license exam. Due to her patients like her acupuncture treatments. Therefore, they call her acupuncture needles as happy pins. Gradually, her special treatments leads her as happy pin mater healer. Her patients’ bodies usually talks to her that how much they love her happy pins and where of the body wants her happy pins to be inserted in.

There was a funny story that one time, when Frieda was inserting happy pins to one patient, the patient yield in a hurry “Frieda, be quick!” Frieda replied, “I will, are you in urgent to go to restroom?” “No, my another leg is jealous and needs your immediately care for it!”

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