About Frieda

About Frieda

About Frieda

Frieda started to use raw herbs to treat patients since 1993. Due to the excellent results leaded her to devote her life to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to improve patients’ quality of life. During 2003~2005, she entered SCUHS (Southern California University of Health Sciences). After graduation, she passed California Acupuncture Board license exam. Due to her patients like her acupuncture treatments. Therefore, they call her acupuncture needles as happy pins. Gradually, her special treatments leads her as happy pin mater healer. Her patients’ bodies usually talks to her that how much they love her happy pins and where of the body wants her happy pins to be inserted in.

There was a funny story that one time, when Frieda was inserting happy pins to one patient, the patient yield in a hurry “Frieda, be quick!” Frieda replied, “I will, are you in urgent to go to restroom?” “No, my another leg is jealous and needs your immediately care for it!”

Start 2010, Frieda treat severely sick patients and due to his son talked with her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5c0c5I1wdg. She decides to do medical innovation. Therefore, she created the Comprehensive universal Energy Healing (CHUEH). She spent two year wrote a book about it and won her an international best seller book author. Leter, she expand the CHUEH to b the Whole Body Self-Healing System and proposed Model City of Health.


After 2014, Frieda discovered medical system’s spots that obstruct the public health improvement. 2016, she joined RG (Research Gate of International Researcher’s social network https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Frieda_Mah2) to discuss health care system improvements) to link with the same minded researchers to discuss how to improve and implement the world health system.

From RG, she discovered many researchers discovered western drugs hurts to the  human beings and environment. The trend is toward to the natural herbs. However, they do not know its working mechanisms. Only Chinese medicine can well explain it.

Though Ayurveda is popular in the world. However, to treat acute infection diseases. They still need to relay on the western medicine.

However, 2003 SARS, China used western medicine could not control it. Until they adopted ancient Chinese medicine Wen Bing Pai School (Warm Diseases School) treatment. SARS got controlled quickly. Until now, Aug 25 2017, western medicine still has no clue to solve the EBOLA. Yet, an acupuncturist- doctoral program student already published EBOLA treatment paper in May 2015.

Yet, many country’s ancient medicine can treat disease. But, the practitioners have no theory based upon, and they do not have a complete herbal system as Chinese medicine has. There is no persuading power to convene scholars to adopt their skills. Moreover, not like Chinese medicine well documented, which part of the plant has toxin and which part does not have toxins. How to process the herb to rid of its toxins and/or make the herb more potent to treat diseases as well as its application contraindications.

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