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Welcome to Happy Pin Mater Healer website.

This website is to share the treatment experiences from our acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Treatments. In order for you to learn that your life can be turned around, life quality can be improved and you are entitled to have a happy, pain free,  energetic, full of love and gratitude life, alert, aging slow, younger looking, pretty shape and enjoy longevity is deserved by your life.

Hope that you can learn how enjoyable to get TCM treatments especially the acupuncture (with or without other treatments such as moxa, hypnosis) – happy pin treatment.

If you want to save money without acupuncture treatment, you can do self-healing. When you just feel discomfort, use your hands to do self-healing, it can save you money and avoid you sick. Everyone has self-healing ability. We published a book (A Wealth of Health) for you to learn by yourself. We also have group classes for you to join. Please check Events.

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4 Responses to Home

  1. Rueckerl L.- C. says:

    I would like to thank Dr. Mah, sie has me recommended Da Zhou Tian. Through Da Zhou Tian practice I have become vital.

    • happypin says:

      Thanks Rueckerl for your comment to the DA Zhou Tian. Hope your comment can benefit the other persons.

      However, I need to clarify one thing is that I am only an acupuncturist title in the US even I am doing all kinds Chinese medicine physician’s treatments. I quit the doctoral program due to I did not think it fit me. Without a doctoral degree, I am not qualified to be a doctor in the US. However, I do not care about it. The most important is that I am so lucky that so far I can make patients who look for my help become better if the treatments are available such as working on ships, some situations need stronger herbs and/or moxibution treatment, but they are not available on the ship. However, this situation was rare. I only had one case of dropping foot that needs stronger herbs.

  2. sayed says:

    Could you please help me in giving me guideline about this case. We have chine colleague who says when her baby was born six years before she eat cold food stuff and also drink cold milk, from that day she now when eat or drink cold things she has diarrhea soon after eating (like ice cream) or drinking (like chilled water or milk). She told that when her body is cold then this affect occur but when her body is warm then sometime diarrhea does not occur. She also told that when she walk in cold weather she felt cold air very strong in feet and also cause pain.

    • happypin says:

      It’s a very commonly seen case that the Mom feeds baby foods/drinks directly from the refrigerator directly without knowing what will be the impact of the baby. Please go to Cold Foods Drinks Caused Problems Chart Rev 1 to learn all kind health problems can be caused by taking cold drinks/foods. This kid has too much cold in the digestive tract. Any intake cold or external cold invade body can cause diarrhea.

      Buy raw ginger from the supermarket. If cut, the ginger should be yellowish inside. Slice it and put under the sunshine to get dried. Then, dry fly or bake the slices until all dried out. Then, put into refrigerator to use for a year.

      Cook the ginger slice to be tea to drink and add some honey or brown sugar if you want to have some taste. Or, you can add ginger in soups. The dosage depends on the body coldness and the tolerance of the body for the spicy taste. Of course, you also can grind the slices to be powder. Then, you pour boiling water into the ginger powder to make the tea.

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