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Welcome to Happy Pin Mater Healer website.

This website is to share the treatment experiences from our acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Treatments. In order for you to learn that your life can be turned around, life quality can be improved and you are entitled to have a happy, pain free,  energetic, full of love and gratitude life, alert, aging slow, younger looking, pretty shape and enjoy longevity is deserved by your life.

Hope that you can learn how enjoyable to get TCM treatments especially the acupuncture (with or without other treatments such as moxa, hypnosis) – happy pin treatment.

If you want to save money without acupuncture treatment, you can do self-healing. When you just feel discomfort, use your hands to do self-healing, it can save you money and avoid you sick. Everyone has self-healing ability. We published a book (A Wealth of Health) for you to learn by yourself. We also have group classes for you to join. Please check Events.

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